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Why do some of you all think that divining for water is witchcraft?

Is it just because we call it water witching sometimes, or use a witching stick to do it? We call it that because witch-hazel sticks makes the best divining rods. If peach tree sticks worked just a little better, and some think they do, we would have called it peaching for water instead of witching for water. It just ain’t witchcraft.


  • This is one of those things I have seen people do. And doubt it just the same. So… How are they able? I would have to think it is because they believe they can and have faith. God says if your had the faith of a mustard seed. And you told a mountain to move, that Mountain will move. Would We watch that Mountain move and proclaim that person a Witch? Just because it is not a gift given to me does not make it untrue.

    For Clam. I seen a Guy witch a well. He was able to tell with in 2 feet what level water would be found. he said 65′ Driller hit water at 63′ Another well was drilled on the same property with out a witcher. That well was 225′ deep to hit water.

  • Doesn’t matter what you call it.

    There is no scientific evidence for the ability of water witching to find water.

    Every single water witch or dowser has failed the scientific tests. There have been no exceptions.

    Please, don’t waste time on nonsense.

    And to all those who disagree, please, give some examples where a water witch proved their ability under controlled scientific conditions.

    Personal stories and anecdotes isn’t good enough (to the poster below). The people that are doing the reporting may be lying, or mistaken, or exaggerating or in some way biased.

    The experiments need to be done by impartial investigators who have no motive in shading the truth and are well known for being unbiased and scientific in their methods.

  • Everything is not always witchcraft prophet Daniel was referred to as the “Master of Magicians” by the ancient Babylonians. So I worship Yahweh I’m sure if I focused on alchemy etc. I would have the ability also to split water.

  • Probably a lot to do with the term “water witching” but also because it seems a magical practice to those who don’t understand it.

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