Why do some claim that meditation opens the mind to demonic influences?

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I have seen a few claims here and on other forums that if you meditate or get hypnosis, then the door is open for demons to come in. However, I cannot find a source for this idea. Do you really believe that quieting the mind is dangerous? If so is there a Biblical basis for this? What about our ordinary state of mental chatter? Can a demon really get through to someone who is in meditation that cannot get through when that person is worried about their to-do list, what they are going to have for dinner tonight, etc?

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A demon can get to anyone who isn’t close to God. If you meditate or not makes no difference.

Sir Offenzalot

Even the hard core proponents of eastern meditation practices say that one must be very careful. Look it up.

I'm Blessed

Any other way than God’s way will lead to your destruction. Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is disaster. To ignore or disbelieve God’s word is stupidity.


Christians dont like any non-christians, especially Buddhists, Hindus and Pagans.
Im a Pagan that harbors a lot of resentment towards christians, and I believe meditation is very positive, and the only type of meditation that is evil, is meditating on christian beliefs or the bible.
Many christians have the false impression that christianity is spiritual, but the more I study christians, the more they are just a bunch of egotistical, pompous, self righteous bigots that dont seem to understand true spirituality.


Ninetailedfoxgoddess666,Your comment actually show you are not better at all of what you think Christians do, your comment is based all on saying how bad Christians are, which is really sad and shallow answer to the question. Have you done any research why exactly Christians believe meditating is not a good way? Do you have any opinion to confront their claim? Have you tried their way of praying? What is the point of you studying something if you are answering like this to someone’s question….


The belief that a demon can enter your body during meditation is Spiritual Urban Myth. Many who follow a strict religious upbringing have been informed that meditation is something used by pagans, and devil worshipers to bring themselves closer to evil spirits. It is then passed on to congregations through the pastor or other church members that you shouldn’t meditate. (Trust me I have had Christians tell me you shouldn’t meditate.) It is no easier for a demon to poses your body during meditation than during a normal day.
During meditation your body is still fully intact to the spirit. You actually have a tendency to become hypersensitive to normal noise, spirits, and other elements around you. You would notice if something became “off” in the area around you. The sound of a pen dropping onto a desk would sound like a ton of bricks. The change in electrical current would make your hair stand on end. The presence of a spiritual being would change the air around you, whether it were good or bad. While I am not saying it isn’t possible for a demon or spirit to enter your body, you would be aware of changes around you. I also believe there has to be an internal allowance for a spirit or demon to enter your body. IE you have to believe and fully accept it can happen.
On the other hand with a out of body experience (OBE) it is a lot easier for the demon or spirit to inhabit the body. (Next is debatable) While some believe it is not capable to OBE others do, and I have experienced it. It is the point where the spirit leaves the realms of the physical body to travel. When you are in an OBE it is more likely that a spirit or demon can enter your body because you are not there to “protect” or inhabit it. That’s why if you are trying to have an OBE you should ask for God and the spirits to protect it while you are “traveling.


could be..

Dances with Buddha

If established practitioners and authors such as Alan Watts, Jack Kornfield, Phillip Moffitt, Thich Nhat Hanh, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Pema Chodren (just to name a few; sorry if I overlooked your favorite meditation author), all believe meditation is safe to practice (plus safe to practice on your own if you do not have access to a teacher) …then that’s good enough for me.
Personally, I have yet to experience any evidence that demons exist anywhere other than in our own minds.


I don’t believe in demons or angels too. But I did encounter something that really freaked me out while doing a guided meditation. Still have no idea what it was.


mmm- I disagree that the body is more susceptible to possession during an OBE. You outer body is still connected to the physical body through a cord, or life-line that cannot be broken unless death completely occurs. In fact, what does happens during a genuine possession? Does the physical body’s own soul leave? No- it is just suppressed by the possesor and once a demonic force is made to leave the spirit of the body is no longer suppressed and becomes active again as the conscious inhabitant.

kelly mally

mmh,it depends on the type of it can be the good ones or the bad ones
but i say when u meditate u increase your spiritual strength so,
get possessed you freaks


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