Why do some Christians say Easter isn't Pagan when it is actually named after a Pagan God?

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Even Witches celebrate Easter, they know it is Pagan, so why don’t you?

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Rjinswand the Doctor

Neither is the Solstice, but the Christians took that too and called it Christmas.

High on God Yeah!!

You make a good point for a degenerate


Christians celebrate Pascha, drawing its name from the Jewish Passover. It is only called Easter in the english-speaking world.


Obviously bad atheists have made this up, on their naughty atheist websites.

Bin Kristos

Some Pagan rituals were mixed in, but generally, it’s meant to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. You have to realize that Constantine was a Pagan for most of his life before he was baptized.


People say that Easter isn’t pagan?
Like you said, it’s freaking named after Ä’ostre, a goddess of Anglo-Saxon paganism.


We are aware of where the name came from..
Christians don’t pray to the pagan god Easter..
Why don’t you know that Christians don’t care what witches celebrate? Spend the day worshipping whatever way you see fit.

The_Cricket: Thinking Pink!

The western name and traditions associated with Easter are indeed pagan. However, there are eastern Christians who call Easter Pascha, and it has little to no pagan traditions.

Satan's Warrior

Because they are ignorant and want to keep the lie of God going.


Barbara Walker has done extensive research on this topic. I recommend anyone who doubts this to simply Google her and read some of her writing or books.
Easter is from the goddess ‘Eostre’ aka Ishtar. The eggs and bunnies symbolize pagan ideas of fertility, and I believe Eostre’s symbol was the hare/rabbit.
There’s a lot more on this, but Easter is most definitely Pagan, unless somehow Jesus was a rabbit breeder and chicken-coop manager with all the eggs. 😉


Eostre is the goddess to whom you refer
The knowledge of this link is not so well known but really it is inexcusable for any Christian not to know about their own worship
Why do they claim its not pagan? Because they trust the leaders of their denomination to tell them the truth. Sadly, some leaders don’t even believe in Christ! I read somewhere recently about Vatican priests who don’t believe in their own faith!…I really don’t get it


Because everyone knows that when Jesus died and then ascended to the heavens he did so in the form of a bunny rabbit that lays colored eggs in random places. This obviously makes it now a “christian” holiday.


Ok. The NAME of the holiday is pagan. But Christians are celebrating the resurrection of the Lord. Perhaps it should be called something else- many people call it “Resurrection Sunday.”
So whatever the name means is actually irrelevant — because we are not celebrating any pagan event.
And I challenge any of you to offer original source documentation that a goddess named Eostre ever existed, or of any ritual associated with her. Good luck with that.


Actually… there is no valid proof for the existence of eostrae. The earliest claim for a goddess of this name to exist was made in the 7th century by a christian monk named Beda Venerabilis.


Witches know sweet FA about church history.
The Christian feast of the Resurrection was celebrated for over 400 years before it got the name “Easter” in England when the Anglo-Saxons converted to Christianity. Its date and its original name in Greek, Pascha, are derived from the Jewish Passover. That is why its name in most languages is based on Pascha – Paques in French, Pascua in Spanish and so on.
When the Anglo-Saxons converted, they were told by the church about the season of Pascha; about the Paschal month (April). Their name for April was Eosturmonath so the common folk translated Pascha as Eostur, later Easter. The Church, of course, continued to use the original Latin name of Pascha until the reformation 1000 years later.
The Venerable Bede speculates that the month had been named much earlier after a goddess called Eostre whose worship had died out. There is absolutely NO other record of this goddess. NO myths, NO legends, NO writings, NO inscriptions, NO temples. She does not appear in any of the lists of Anglo-Saxon, Germanic or Norse Gods or Goddesses. Modern scholars reckon Bede made her up to explain the name Eosturmonath. She never actually existed.
“Eostur” probably just meant dawn or opening, beginning, spring – the start of the Anglo-Saxon year.
And that is why sensible informed Christians, atheists and pagans will tell you that Easter is not a pagan festival. It’s a fact.

why do Christians HATE so much??? is it because there is no ‘valid proof’ of her exsistance? how do you know?!? how do you know that Jesus was real? and not just a call of man? or was born from an alien? hmm?
dont hate pagans, we are not santaic like your bible says. we dont believe in such, satanism or human sacrifice, or the whole concept of it. there is no hell for us. only the summerland. because life is a never ending stream of white energy, life energy.
we pagan see more good in people and gather to talk not gossip but talk. to see how to deal and handle people who tease and say what we do is ‘evil’ and ‘not real’.
two boys who claim themselves christian. say that the penticle is an evil sign. and that water,fire,earth,air is what is used to create a bomb. (natrually anything to cause chaos) and when i said the fifth element is SPIRIT. they looked at me queer and said there is no such thing as spirit…? makes no sense because doesn’t their religion speak of a holy spirit? hmm?
dont be so quick to judge. i know plenty of my religion when they clear no nothing of what they speak.
we arent satanic, so please stop calling us that.
satan worshipers is called satanic! not pagan, pagan is a blanket word, gathering other religions. so does that make the whole world thats not christian, satanic?
wicca-earth people- small amount of hippy like people. people who want to search differently. your God isnt the only GOD out there,
there is A GODDESS and her PARTNER GOD.
takes two to tango.


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