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Why do some Christians find excuses to engage in pagan rituals vs denouncing them?

Is it because they seek to “fit in” with the people of the world?


  1. I’m a Christian. I’m not afraid of different influences, beliefs, and cultures. And face it, a lot of Christian holiday observances and other rites came from pre-Christian festivals. Am I supposed to go around quaking in fear just because other groups had (and still have) an influence upon my spirituality? The more important question is, why are some Christians so xenophobic and afraid of anything outside of their own little church?

  2. The early Christians needed something to find for themselves so they picked around earlier beliefs and rituals and “adopted” them for their own and eventually created what is modern Christianity.

  3. I do not celebrate pagan rituals- I celebrate Christ’s birth, death and resurrection and my salvation. Just because the days may be the same that does not mean IT IS THE SAME.

  4. It’s because Pagan rituals fulfill a deep seated spiritual need in humans, that have been missing in our lives for the last two thousand years.
    This need is based on our connection to the earth and it’s cycles, and is an important part of being human.
    Having that connection severed is lethal to humans over the long run, and is akin to having our souls gouged out of us with a spoon.
    So it’s little wonder that even christians, are drawn back to what the soul truly needs.

  5. There hasn’t been a real pagan around any of the rituals you guys always talk about for over 1500 yrs. All the neo pagans are wannabees!

  6. Early Christians adopted and subverted many of the pagan customs to make Christianity more comfortable for converts. The Christians gave new meanings to the pagan holidays (Winter Solstice, the re-birth of the Sun God/Green man of the pagans, became the birth of Christ) but kept many of the traditions. Early Christians did not use the cross as their symbol (they used the fish), until they converted the Norse, who had a cross of their own.
    What surprises me is that Christians try to deny this part of their history, either by claiming these weren’t based on the pagan traditions, or be claiming this is some sort of evil.
    And we who are pagan, don’t mind sharing the holidays. All those decorated trees, candles, yule logs, feasting, gifts, singing, holly, mistletoe, Santa, and more just remind us of honoring our own gods and goddesses.


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