Home Discussion Forum Why do some Christians believe that astral projection is 'demonic'?

Why do some Christians believe that astral projection is 'demonic'?

Notice I said ‘some’, not all.
-Also did anyone here ever astral project before and what was your experience like.


  1. Why do some believers in the astral projection believe that some Christians consider them demonic?

  2. Have you ever met people who say they do it?
    because maybe the devil made them stupid.

  3. Some fundamentalist Christians think that anything that falls outside their particular world view is demonic.

  4. 1) Because some Christians feel that anything outside of their belief is wrong.
    2) I think I have Astral Projected before. It was peaceful. I saw my Grandmother in her home. She was just sleeping. When I knew she was okay, my soul came back to my body. It was in the middle of the night, and I was resting as well so I’m not sure but the day after my Grandmother said, “Somebody was at the window last night.”

  5. Because of ignorance. The Bible does mention dreams. Dreams are often related to OBE.
    There are many recorded and verified reports of OBE’s conducted in scientific conditions.

  6. Ignorance. The “silver cord” is mentioned in the Bible.
    And yes people do astral project – many on a regular basis…like myself.
    Incidentally for the doubters here there is alot of corroborating scientific evidence..google is your friend. You can also search for hypnogogia.

  7. what can you do with people whose concept is “to see is to believe”
    that’s why God has to incarnate in a human body or else they won’t believe.
    On the other hand, demonic may vary in meanings from time to time or culture to culture. One may experience astral projection, out of body experience but one can not be sure if that was the real scene they been to. It’s like why it is haram to seek the advice of fortune tellers because there may be 1 truth in it but 99 falsehoods.

  8. Most think it is evil because it’s spiritual. Being spiritual in Christianity is like following the devil.
    In the Bible, it doesn’t say that astral projection is bad. It only says to remember god before the silver cord is broken……. remember god before you die.
    You also got to remember that Christians and fear go together.
    They fear everything they don’t understand. What they fear automatically becomes evil or demonic to them.

  9. I’m a Catholic Christian and I 100% believe it is a gift from God. I also believe it depends on your experiences if they are good or bad. Usually it is the fundamentalist Christians that try to spread the fear of astral projection. Astral projection is a natural ability and can be induced with out drugs or external aid. Astral projection is not occult at all. The only reason why people say its occult is because its unknown to many people and they just label it “occult”. There are many verses in the bible in where people astral project. Many Christians, when they hear about astral projection they automatically label it “evil”. If people research astral projection more it wouldn’t be so “occult” and people will start accepting it.
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    for more info.

  10. I have astral projected. It is something that just happens when I am asleep, there is no way I can control whether it happens or not. I became interested in spirituality after my father died and he visited me by sitting on my bed. The mattress went down, there is no way I imagined it. I believe there are no bad spirits. Religious leaders want us to think there are because it furthers their gains. Have a lovely day everyone.


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