Home Discussion Forum Why do some Christians believe seeing with the third eye is demonic?

Why do some Christians believe seeing with the third eye is demonic?

Is feeling with your heart demonic too? Is hearing with your ears demonic?
Did you ever close your eyes? If you have, you looked through your third eye (pineal gland).
Anyway, the third eye is the pineal gland. The pineal gland is a retina inside or atop of the brain. Lizards sense light out of the top of their heads with their pineal gland. The only light we can sense is the light of our synapses surrounding our pineal glands. I see my synapses when I pray. It’s simply a natural thing to see with the pineal gland and there’s nothing mysterious or ‘evil’ about it. It’s simply another organ, just as ‘evil’ or ‘mysterious’ as any of our other organs.
Have you ever seen lights behind your eyelids while drifting off to sleep? Those are synapses. It’s biology, not some hocus-pocus religious mumbo-jumbo.


  1. In my experience, some religions call EVERYTHING DEMONIC.
    It is human nature to fear what we don’t understand, but it is NOT human nature to tag everything we don’t understand as DEMONIC.
    That’s just puerile and ignorant.

  2. Muslims believe that too. This is where I’m at in my religious studies too. I’m trying to figure out what that is, but remember this. Using the pineal gland is also the apex of Satan worship, so… connect those dots.

  3. i have a third eye, an eye to see beyond the naked eye.An insight in to something serious.Feeling more than what i hear and see.It is a spiritual eye.

  4. i’ve been searching and searching and i always get mixed answers where like Sanford said, Using the pineal gland is used in satan worship, and ive gotten an article showing that the third eye is in the Bible and how it shows that there are two sides, good and bad. Anyways, ive been wanting a definite answer.
    this is the article if youre interested:
    and this is a youtube vid that i recommed watching:
    There are 9 parts. it talks alot about the third eye.

  5. I don’t want to know anything that’s not in the word of God, I don’t care what anyone say about that. We all have our own opinions on how we do things,and I respect that but for me I don’t know anything about a 3rd , 4th nor 5th eye. I’ll focus on the two I have and be bless with that.


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