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Why do so many people feel that their dreams are anything other than representations of their unconscious mind?

Why are dreams viewed by some to be supernatural signs, rather than symbolic concepts interpreted by a primitive and subconscious mind?
Has anyone here ever read Carl Jung?


  1. Supernatural? I work in a nursing home taking care of the elderly.
    A couple nights ago I had a dream about changing a poopy diaper on a 90-year-old woman.
    That supernatural enough for ya? 🙂

  2. You are absolutely right. I think this was made for business long time ago, which was supported by some religious stories; like God giving orders to Abraham or Jacob (Israel) and maybe other prophets through dreams. Our minds have become full of trash, which we are unable to get rid of.

  3. some people need to feel special or important past their means, it is hard or impossible for some to realize how small and unimportant we are in this cosmic bubble.

  4. We live in a very emotional world. I’ll tell you, dreams can be emotional on an almost spritual-feeling level. I mean you feel that there’s something deeper when you wake up to a mystical-like dream.
    I think it’s all about emotions. People rely way too heavily on how they feel. I mean think about it, scientifically, “gut feelings” are the among the most innaccurate things to base decisions on, yet we base life changing decisions about people and about ourselves based on “gut feelings.” Movies always glorify the “instincts” or “gut feelings” as being the most accurate and up to date basis’ with which to make life risking decisions.
    And while most may not admit it, they trust their “gut” seemingly more often than they trust what they are being told or what they see with their own eyes.
    So I reiterate, I think it’s the emotional feeling people get that seems almost spritual and mystical in some of their dreams that convinces them that they mean something more than random sequences of thought.


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