Why do so many on M&F cling to spells in questions and answers and ignore sympathetic Magick?

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Same reason people believe any “magick” is real: they want an easy way out of their troubles, and they hope lighting some candles and muttering some words will get them what they want without having to work for it. But no matter how one spells the word, magic isn’t real. Mature adults know this.


Because they are either little kids, or fakers(people joking),or they are just plain dumb adults(who think that kind of stuff is real).

Maggie W.

Well my dear Terry it could be that the use of sympathetic magick is not as flamboyant as a written spell. And therefore not half as interesting to those here of the uninitiated in the path of magick. Those of us who are practiced in the art use the best method available. Many times when you are out and about and need a little help with a traffic jam, parking space or even something to deal with a particularly difficult person or situation a bit of the old sympathetic magick may be just the thing. BB…~M~
PS. Mature adults aren’t afraid of communicating their thoughts openly and have access to messenger or e-mail on this site.

many owls

there is a beggining stage for everything

Amethyst Moon

I agree with Maggie
Blessed Be

joe the man

could be because most info is derived from what is seen on tv or in movies. harry potter always makes spells as do the charmed and other tv witches. as do fairy godmothers in fairy tails (tales) and so people think that that is magic.
the type of sympathetic magic that people sometimes talk about is the pin doll.


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