Home Discussion Forum Why do so many men prefer to be knights in shining armor?

Why do so many men prefer to be knights in shining armor?

I have several women friends that are nice, attractive, educated, hard-working, professional, independent, child-free, spiritual, stable home owners that get no dates. I have heard of several women who are dysfunctional, uneducated, unemployed, needy, unstable, partying, promiscous single parents that have men lining up to date them. Do these men need to be heroes to boost their own egos? What is up with that?


  1. not at all, the needy woman are easier to get, these blokes havent got the courage to go after a headstrong woman

  2. ………..I believe men have instincts that urges them to protect….I think it’s cute, but well out of place in today’s society…………;)

  3. The same i heard is with men. In that the lazy, jobless ones get more women than the harding working men. The reason is because these lazy people have more time on there hands. However, quality of the mate that the hardworking, educated people get is a lot higher.
    fewer=higher quality
    more =lower quality

  4. last i checked most women dont go for tubby bald working normal joes…..most want the fairy tale..therefore little choice is left but to try to be the “knight”

  5. I don’ t believe it is a matter of egoism maybe a matter of development, i mean that a few years ago you would never see a men liking a woman with children or an needy one as you said the fact is that the whole mankind changes feelings, attitudes etc. Today the attitude of men is attracted to single mothers, etc.

  6. I think men wants to feel needed. The savior thing is something that can push them to be more responsible.
    I love men who plays that way.

  7. If I was dating, I would like to be with women who are intelligent and and successful.
    Could it be that the dysfunctional, under educated women are easy?
    Men are dicks.
    I’m a man and I know.


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