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Why do so many materialists refer to spiritual people as brainwashed, delusional, or ignorant?

I have seen so many question of this nature on here and I find it offensive. What makes you sure that you are not the brainwashed and delusional one?
In my eyes, modern western thought is the most delusional belief system on earth, well…its not really western thought anymore, since much of the world has been westernized in the last few 100 years. Its all based on materialism. The science reflects the culture and the culture reflects the science. The science is based on Descartes and the premise that everything can be explained by the interaction of its parts. To me consumer capitalism is just as much of a dogmatic institution as any religion. From the day you are born you conditioned into this view of reality, from the schools, your family, and the mass media. You are living in a made up virtual world maintained by culture. I hate to break it to you, but your fancy cars and stuff, only have value because you believe them to.
Why do you blame people who have a spiritual connection with the whole of nature? Is it because that would threaten your world view? The world view that has imperialized, colonized, and forced its beliefs on the world the last few hundred years. Did you know that there were actually natives who used to live in the America’s that respected the land? The western world view that dominates the planet is directly to blame for the destruction of the forests, the huge gap between poor and rich, the mass extinction of animals, and much of the depression and apathy that people feel.
You can throw out the word god, but its still basically the same world view as before. Where people identify themselves as an isolated ego in a material body, where they see themselves as separate from nature, rather than an interconnected part of nature. This world view is delusional, look at the affect it is having on the planet
J Boss, did I mention the bible?This is how shallow the debate is on here. People try to frame it between these two extremes, the literal Christians and the material atheists. Just to let you know, that there are many more perspectives out there than just those two
Acid zebra, I am not saying that everyone is delusional, but me. I am saying that people need to look in the mirror, before they label another viewpoint as delusional. They should look at the history of their own world view, as Ideas follow the same kind of path as biological evolution.
Darth Cheney, I do believe that. I do think we live in the most spiritually dead culture, that is based on materialism. That is not saying, that I or any viewpoint has the all the answers. No one has all the answers. We are all ignorant to some degree


  1. Right. Delusional is all a matter of perspective.
    Plus, I think we’re all deluded in some way, compared with absolute truth, either physical or metaphysical.
    Nobody has 100% of the big picture — esp. not the people who are 100% sure that they’re right and the rest of us are nutso.
    Where atheists and theists disagree is on the linchpin of empiricism. I don’t think that empirical information is the only true information in the universe. I think that the truest, most real things can’t be measured and aren’t palpable.

  2. Trust me it’s not just the materialists. Regardless of anyone’s basic philosophy, those who claim woo-woo nonsense without evidence are by definition delusional.
    You can get all angsty and so so hip about whatever kind of capitalism you choose, but it’s all just fancy words you are parroting since there is no link whatsoever between philosophical materialism and consumerism/materialistic worldviews. Similar words don’t always mean the same thing.

  3. if you believe in gods/spirits/mythical “energy” with no logically sound evidence then you must be one of three things: brainwashed, delusional, or ignorant.

  4. You let a 2000 year old book dictate your life with absolutely no evidence of that book being true, id call that delusional.

  5. What do you call people who firmly believe in nonexistent entities, and that also PREACH about that?
    Smart? Intelligent? Wise?

  6. I think that you are in the vicinity of an important point. It’s amazing how hard it is to see what you’re saying from the inside of the culture though.
    I think that one thing that is seductive is the COMFORT of western style existence. I don’t know about you but I don’t relish the thought of busting my hump all day to find a meal for the evening.

  7. its offensive i agree. if they want Christians to respect their choices, they should do the same in return, and likewise for Christians and such
    because there are also former atheists who converted to Christians ive heard, meaning that i guess they werent fulfilled much before they converted
    i mean its not like a “logical and intelligent” atheist (on this matter), being smart and stuff, would just choose to “dumb down” and become “unintelligent” in becoming a believer
    there are real reasons and nobody should assume such things simply by whatever faith they may be

  8. Only brainwashed delusional people get whipped up
    emotionally and behave according to the dictates of
    the whims of their passionate moods.
    It’s easy to poke and prod and animal that’s basically
    tolerant (like a labrador retriever, or a collie, for example)
    rather than one less tolerant (like a cat)
    but my bottom line opinion is this:
    that everyone is searching for the outer to line up
    with the inner calling within themselves and so
    testing one anothers belief systems out goes on
    quite alot. if i find holes in yours for example then
    i don’t have to believe as you do.
    so if i can tear you down then your religion is worthless
    as well.
    well it may sound silly but it does happen that way
    subconsciously. testing is always going on and it
    will not look pretty or sound nice or feel comfortable.
    thanks for the Q 🙂

  9. Wow, that’s an awful lot of ideas backed by no evidence…
    Oh, where to start…
    OK, why do you have such a pining for the Native Americans that “respected the land?” Yes, some things they did very well, and they didn’t pollute as badly as we do, and they didn’t overpopulate like we do (though most of the overpopulation now is in the east, where western thought is shunned). However, they also suffered a lot of sicknesses that are easily cured now, often led harsh brutal lives that were very often cut short by a simple snowstorm or a drought…
    We have made great progress, but we’ve paid for that progress — sometimes in ways we couldn’t imagine. If you really want to go live off the land, shun modern conveniences, medicine, and science you can, nobody’s stopping you. Still enough places on the planet that you can go and live in harmony with the land and forget everything else.
    Yet here you are, using a computer, probably living in a city, probably working a job or going to a public school or otherwise partaking of all that you criticize. Kinda hypocritical, don’t you think?
    Religion offers no solutions to any of our current problems. Religion, in fact, doesn’t even *want* to solve any of them. Heck, the vast majority of religious people I know want the world to hurry up and end so they can get raptured — they actually like seeing problems in the world ’cause it convinces them that it’s close to the “end.”
    So no matter what got us where we are today — a mixture of good progress and big mistakes — science offers the best hope for improving things. By understanding natural processes we can learn how to live more in harmony with them without destroying our world in the process. By learning how to cure disease and produce energy without polluting and increase crop yields, and all the other things we can learn through science we can make a better world for ourselves and our children. Religion and spirituality may be comforting to some people, but they offer no hope at all for solving the world’s problems.
    As to why they’re called brainwashed, delusional or ignorant…
    Why, that’s simple: because they more often than not ARE.
    You really think a creationist who’s ignorant of the true age, function, and nature of the planet is going to solve any planetary problems?
    You really think somebody who believes simply praying to a made-up god is going to save everything is adding anything constructive to the world in his delusion? Please.

  10. “I am not saying that everyone is delusional, but me. I am saying that people need to look in the mirror, before they label another viewpoint as delusional.”
    Didn’t you just say, “In my eyes, modern western thought is the most delusional belief system on earth?”
    But, you seem to be saying, “if you don’t believe like I do, you’re delusional.” Isn’t that exactly the type of behavior that seems to have angered you?

  11. I think that materialism is a really subtle form of slavery. We are slaves but we do not know it. I admit to being a partial slave which honestly I do not mind as I enjoy movies, coffee shops etc. I see especially young women are total slaves of what is happening in the catwalks in Europe.
    When I see something being modelled in Milan by supermodels, nevermind how ridiculous I think they look, within 2 years you can guarentee that pretty much every female in our society will look like that. We do anything that is popular and hence my statement that we are slaves in a very subtle way. We do whatever the materialists tell us to do. We buy their big screen TVs, we wear there clothes, we try to live like them, (bigger houses, lavish weddings) so even though in modern society we think we are empowered actually we are really being controlled.


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