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Why do religious people hang out where I wait to take the bus to school?

Every morning when I go to the bus stop there’s always some religious nut, usually a woman, who offers me something to read. Surprise, it’s a religious book. So naturally I tell her “No, I would rather poke my eyes out with tooth picks and eat them then read your religious garbage you old hag”.
But yet every day, they still come and ask me. I don’t know what religion they are peddling, I don’t bother to read it. In fact once I said “Yes, I would like something to read” and I set it on fire right in front of her.
On a side note, they burn surprisingly well. Might be a cheap substitute for firewood.
It’s a different bytch every time. I tried showing them the passage about how women can’t preach, but that just makes them start talking even more.
I hate it when women start talking to me, especially ugly ones.
Maybe I should wear a t-shirt that says “Atheist Baby Eater” or “Atheist Religious Burner”
And maybe walk around with a gun in plain site.
And a burning cross, and I should call them harlets and spit on ’em and tell ’em to get nude.
Yeah, this coke is alright.


  1. theres no need for rudeness…they are trying to save your butt but my church just runs ads…we have more class…dont dwell on it..you said no..

  2. I highly doubt you’re that ballsy in public. You’re probably just some kid who gets lost in the everyday shuffle.
    Nice try, though.

  3. Why don’t you just say “you ask me this every morning, please stop”.
    That’s all i would do, they have good intentions, even if it is annoying.

  4. Well, they have a right to be there, since it’s a public place.
    And there’s an old saying: you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Next time, just try politely saying “no, thank you” when they offer you something. They’re not forcing you to believe their religion, and they probably already get a ration of sh!t from other people like you. And making those kinds of comments or burning their book is just going to make them more persistent.
    Just be nice. It’s not that hard.

  5. Same reason you are here, to hear/read about Jesus and how he died for sins so WE ALL CAN KNOW GOD NOW. Jesus died for this and more. But now we all can know God personally.
    At least you know the word of God. The word is a seed and God can make this seed in you grow at any time. Then presto you will be a Christian, keep learning the word of God.
    The more of the word you know, the easier this is to do.
    bless you for studying the bible.


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