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Why Do Religious People Believe In Astrology, Horoscopes, Psychics?

When that has nothing to do with religion. The rotation of the Earth has nothing to do with the attitude and philosophy of humans. It’s one thing to be devoutly religious and believe in your God, but can’t you see that there is no evidence that supports Psychics, Astrology and Horoscopes, that some random guy in the newspaper types up has nothing to do with your life.

If anything didn’t God give us free will? Yet there are all these things that distract us.


  • Which religion believes in that male bovine excrement?
    There are many religions. Some believe in supersitious cow plop like that.
    It sure isn’t part of Christianity.

  • At least in Astrology and Horoscopes there can be some relation. If you live where you are born people born in the same month as you may have similarities. If you are born in the middle of winter I doubt you family had you outside during this period. If you were born in the middle of summer It would be quite different.

    You learn much and fast as a baby and each month would provide different experiences but year to year each month is pretty much the same. A baby born in January would probably experience the grass in the summer. A baby born in august probably not. Think about all the differences and look at people born in similar months, are there similarities?

  • More atheists believe in Astrology than Christians do. I agree with your opinion of horoscopes….crèpe!
    ” Be careful today, you may get hurt”…. out of millions of people who were born under the same star sign, there will be many who will hurt themselves on that day….they will think…”Wow, my horoscope was right”…The others won’t give it a second thought.

  • those people who claim to be psychics and use cards to read peoples future or tell them their fortune are consider people who worship idols, which is against. We only should have faith in our one and only God

  • If yr gonna believe in an invisible supernatural being creating and controlling everything, believing in that other stuff is not much of a leap.

  • Most religious people don’t (unless astrology, and psychic stuff is part of their religion).

    On top of which, why do you think astrology is categorised on YA as part of “entertainment”?

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