Why do psychiatrists want to diagnose EVERYONE with a mental illness?





Try walking into a psychiatrists office and have him NOT diagnose you with BPD or Bipolar.
It’s pretty much impossible. They want to medicate every man woman and child.


  1. finally a good question from you. psychiatrists do not want to, but have to give you a diagnosis in order to treat you properly, and for other professionals to treat you , in case you need help from different professionals. lots of gps diagnose you also, so they know how to treat you lots of gps give out medication also. i do not believe they want to medicate everyone. the reason it sounds like that, is because, the people they see, are suffering and they want the help. i worked in a large psychiatric hospital for 30 years, with over 2200 patients over 98% of the people wanted the medication. it was not forced on them. the other 2% , who refused medication would sometimes be medicated, after lengthy discussions with family members, or court ordered. these were people that were too incapacitated to make any choices. i do not believe that doctors want to medicate everyboy, but the patients they see, give them little options.

  2. I know what you mean. As to the one person here who says the doctors do what the drugs companies tell them that’s true.
    Just click on this link below to read an article that was in the los angeles times newspaper. They give out free samples of drugs and gifts. Doctors get to fly to meetings in Hawaii and go to lavish parties all paid for by the drug companies.

  3. This is not true. But, by looking at your profile, YOU probably could benefit from some psychiatry and perhaps medication. Please get help now.

  4. Thats absolutley not true my brother went to a psychietrist and she said he was fine and did not need help.

  5. Ask and you shall receive. You told him there was something wrong with you for even stepping into the office. You’ll find that most people, by default, would rather agree with you than disagree. Thus if you say you have a problem, they’ll jump right on that bandwagon with you. Unfortunately this means that even if you change your mind, people always want to be right, so they’ll probably stick to their original assumption for the sake of not having to think about themselves as someone who is wrong about things who they once believed were right. How’s that for psychology. It’s natural human behavior.

  6. They do this, because, EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE is messed up, it’s just a matter of to what degree. Just my opinion,.

  7. Now think about what you have said!! You have actually answered your own question. It is their line of expertise and is “what” they do. You should try and tell them that you are not going to take the medications they prescibed, they will put it in your records that you are suicidal. So make sure to ask what they have put into your records, because I didn’t find out until I applied for my disability and it was almost turned down because of that statement. It was a big mess!!!

  8. they don’t even know a cause of BPD, or anything about it really. all it means is you match a set of behaviors. So, many other diseases have mood swings too.
    When you are malnourished or go without sleep.
    Doctors do what the drug companies tell them to do.

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