Why do psychiatrists love it so much when they see depressed people?

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I’ve always noticed psychiatrists smiling when they see depressed people. Why is this?

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Bella S

cause they can get money from them


because they see green

messie jessie

they’re getting paid

James B

they see someone they can lead on for 250 bucks an hour asking you how are you gonna solve your problem .


its called job security. Its ike when an artist sees a canvas


Always seen? Have you visited that many that you can make that statement?
One of the reasons, is that if a psych is sullen and sad, it certainly won’t make the patient feel they are qualified to lift the patient up… so they are optimistic,, like.. “let’s see if I can help you” type of attitude. The patient will feel.. ‘geez, if THIS guy/gal is depressed.. how can they help ME?’
I hope this clears up your confusion on this.. but.. doesn’t it make sense?




Yes I too think it is about their payment. But I bet there is a few shrinks out the that get a kick writing prescriptions too.


One, they want a positive attitude and to convey confidence.
Two, can you say…Lexus…..


Because those people are depressed. The Dr. is showing a positive face to encourage the patient out of their current line of thinking and depression. And secondly, they really want that vacation to Hawaii or that new pool in the back yard. Thanks for asking!!!


are you expecting them to commiserate with them? Don’t you feel better if someone smiles when they see you rather than frown and turn the other way. this isn’t rocket science after all…


It’s so because they are the human beings who understand the conflicts in the mind of Hundred, Thousands, Millions of people and are confident that they can make changes in the patients’ minds. This is their self-confidence which makes millions and trillions human beings come out of the their grief/problems, not financially offcourse, but show them new ways to face the challenging problems before them for which patients feel-they are helpless.
That’s why they smile thinking also that they are super human beings in this world.


because either way those basterds get payed by saying “uh ha, and how does that make you feel… lol

Pat K

Mental health professionals, including psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and counselors smile at people because a smile conveys good will and that they care enough about the person to smile and be friendly.
And they may feel like smiling because they are confident that they can probably help the patient in many different ways, through different psychotherapy techniques and perhaps medications, assignments, etc. And they hope that the patient will see that confidence, and have hope that they can be helped. Believing that you can and will improve is half the battle.
So mainly they smile because they want to be friendly, they want to be of help, and they want to convey confidence in the treatment process.
Sometimes it troubles me that there is such prejudice against mental health professionals, most of whom entered the profession because they are sensitive people who sincerely want to ease the suffering of others. I know there are exceptions, but the majority are very helpful, caring people.


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