Why do pictures of Buddha always show him sitting on a lotus blossom?

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I’m doing my R.E homework and don’t have a clue. Any ideas ?

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Arthur Always

They’re comfortable and smell nice.

John P (I'm only a bug)

Good evening, Sweet Cheaks.
As has been explained to me in my practice, the lotus is an excellent symbol to illustrate the conquest over samasara (the suffering of this world). The lotus grows from the muck of the pond (representing samsara) on a stalk that opens above the water of the pond. When it opens, it is pristine; no mud or water clings to it. So, the lotus has become a symbol of the Buddha who surpassed the existence of desire and suffering of this world. He rose above it in a pristine condition which is Enlightenment.
May all be at peace.


The lotus is called padma in both Sanskrit and Tibetan. Rooted in muddy slime, the lotus rises through water to emerge into the sun, a progress that mirrors the journey of man’s soul. Mired in suffering and sin, we pass through varied experiences before emerging into the sun of enlightenment. Many plants grow above water; it is only the lotus whose sturdy stem allows it to clear the water surface and stand steadfast.
It is said that our hearts are like the closed petals of a lotus. Imbibing Buddhist virtues will enable the lotus to blossom into its full beauty. This is why the Buddha is often depicted seated on a lotus.
The white lotus represents purity of mind and an evolved spirit. The pink lotus is matchless in its perfection and therefore emblematic of the Buddha himself. A blue lotus is symbolic of the spirit’s conquest of the senses, while a red bloom is associated with Avalokiteshwara, the Compassionate One.


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