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Why do people who hate Tarot cards comment on them?

Recently I was on websites about Tarot cards and there were quite a few comments against it. I would like to know (without seeming like a total jerk) why, if you hate Tarot so much, are you on websites about it?


  1. Well personally, I’m not. I’m on a website which covers all aspects of spiritual beliefs, both positive and negative.

  2. oh good one, that is a very good question which i would also love the answer to. Kinda like the old saying how would you know i was looking at you if you were not looking at me.

  3. Some people care about others and want to warn them away from being sucked in to a world of demonic influences which can ruin their lives.

  4. Something that’s always vexed me, too. Why seek out something you are against or don’t believe in? Probably because humans are ingrained to want to be right and have everyone else know they are wrong. Some people just like argument and having something to fight about, but people who are constantly seeking out others to lecture will never find peace with themselves.

  5. It seems to me that the people you are talking about fall into three groups.
    The first is a group that opposes tarot based on the belief that they are evil. Many of these people genuinely believe that use of the cards is dangerous and so, from a sense of duty, wish to discourage their use.
    The second group is made up of sceptics who again, believe that the obsession of some with divination is often harmful and, from a sense of duty, wish to discourage their use.
    The third group is made up of those who know a little more about tarot and far from hating the cards, want to see them recognized for what they originally were – and throughout Europe, still are. That is a card game! A great deal of work as been done on the history of tarot now and their origins as a game are well known.
    There can, of course, be overlap between the second two groups and I guess that I fall into that catagory.

  6. Hello Tara
    People are often drawn to what they fear, in return they retaliate with that fear.
    At the end of the day Tarot are 78 pieces of laminated card & because of their media press they are always portrayed as evil & of course they are used to aid Clairvoyancy so against most religions. With such things in some peoples minds they fear what they do not have an understanding of.
    But of course we are all drawn to many things, & to all things for a reason.
    See Profile 🙂

  7. Hi Tara, What a very good question you ask.
    When I was a little girl my family regularly attended a Baptist church. Every Sunday morning the reverend stood on the church platform and screamed about hell and how we are all evil. He went on to tell us about the pagans being devil worshipers and how everyone was going to burn in hell.
    Today I am a professional tarot reader, teacher and scientist. I have been confronted many times by those who want to warn me about hell, tell me about Jesus and show me the way while I am reading or teaching tarot in the public.
    I know where those who confront me are coming from. They went to church and were told by their minister that tarot is evil and those who use tarot will burn in hell. They really believe that I am going to burn in hell! Some, I know, are just self-righteous but I feel they really believe they are helping me.
    I think it makes them feel that they have done their good deed, it makes them feel good to save someone or maybe just that they all like to gang up on the tarot question asker the way kids gang up on each other in a school yard…afraid they may be next.

  8. I play actual card games with Tarot cards so I can’t say I hate them. Game playing is the original and I would dare say the purest application of these cards. I do have a dislike with the way the history of these cards is often distorted by those pushing the divination uses of Tarot. I also dislike the way many Tarot readers speak as if they own the entire concept of Tarot as if there’s no other possible context besides their card reading activities. This is not meant to be a slam against divination, but it should be more widely known that this is not the only use of Tarot cards.


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