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Why do people who dont have good social skills conjure up negative energy?


  1. Its easier for them to go negative and on the attack, because they could not win by presenting a logical argument to support their beliefs . Sometimes they just are ignorant about the facts or they know they are on the losing side, so going negative is their only retort.

  2. Negative energy can be disastrous to a person’s life. It can cause general bad luck, health problems, etc. Often when a person thinks that they are cursed or hexed, the real problem is negativity.
    These people do not have a positive (optimistic) attitude and, are pessimistic. They have low self-esteem. Thoughts generate energy. Enough concentrated negative thought can cause negative things to happen. That is why it is so important to be optimistic. If it looks as if something negative is going to happen, instead of dwelling on it, take measures to prevent it.
    An unbalanced person that constantly thinks negative thoughts about you or wishes you ill can cause you problems. This is especially a problem with jealous people. They constantly criticize and belittle everything good that happens to you.
    The ONLY way to counteract these types of people is to distance yourself from them.


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