1. Why do people tend to go to fortunetellers?

People seek fortunetellers for many reasons. They want a quick fix to a problem they are having. They are hurting. They are vulnerable. They tend to be naïve and easily duped. They may be emotionally or psychologically incapable to see the root issues or deal with them. Or, they may be mentally lazy or depressed. They may simply be searching and a fortuneteller or psychic is an easy way to find answers. People don’t want to solve a problem at the root cause since this requires serious self-confrontation and takes time. People sometimes have a need to search for “other worldly” reasons for problems, something outside of their control or their understanding. They may feel that if the problem is other worldly, or so big or “out there” it removes personal responsibility as well as gives them more status for having such “superior” problems. There is the element of the mysterious or the unknown that is given more credit than one’s own logic and reasoning and ability to understand. This indicates a serious lack of self worth. On a more sinister aspect, people go to fortunetellers to find ways to gain advantage over others, to succeed over others, to coerce others and to control others. There are many reasons.

2. What are the main questions that they tend to ask?

People want to know about their future: health, sex, marriage, money, jobs, and what happened to a dead relative, as well as a way out of some guilt or painful experience. Questions may seem mundane and silly, but at their core there may be some serious issues to be dealt with.

3. What do you think of the people who use this information as a source of facts?

They are either being deceived or deceiving themselves. The fortunetellers are not telling facts at all. They are either guessing or are full of lies and deceptions. On one end of the spectrum, the fortuneteller may really feel they are seeing and feeling things but have no clue what these things are. On the other end, there is deliberate deception. On some level, the person seeking fortunetellers and psychics is really looking for some answers whether or not they admit it. The answers are then taken seriously or considered, whether they are valid or not. We basically give our power away to someone else and take his or her statements as facts and run our life accordingly. Some fortunetellers are “honest” enough to admit this; some truly believe they have the “gift.” Any person with true spiritual and psychic abilities will keep the mouth shut and not tell fortunes or do psychic readings. People are desperate so they go to fortunetellers. I don’t blame them for seeking help. The fortune telling/psychic industry has grown big at the expense of others. But, these practices are as old as the hills and they will continue to exist as long as there is someone to be taken advantage of.

Instead of deceiving people, a spiritually gifted person encourages others to seek help inside themselves, or sends them to a qualified therapist, a doctor, a marriage or business counselor. A true psychic leads a searching person to books and spiritual practices that will help gain self-knowledge and self-confidence. The real psychic is a healer and a guide to help the person to become independent and not be stuck and co-dependent on others. A true psychic will not tell the person the answers but leads a person on a path of self-discovery.

The Lord Buddha said not to believe anything because He said so, but to verify it with our own intelligence and experiences.

4. Is it worth putting so much faith on fortunetellers?

Not at all, unless you want to be deceived and give your money away and be taken advantage of. Great religions and spiritual disciplines always discourage people from believing these kinds of people and for good reason. You can go to a million fortunetellers and they will all tell you the same thing. I call this “psychic mumbo jumbo.” If you need help, go to a professional and qualified person who is trained to deal with the real problem. Or, if you can, learn to deal with the problem from a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual sense and see the real causes. Read great religious books and great literature. Learn to pray and meditate. Build your ability to reason and think. These provide real guidance. Instead of covering up the problem, try to solve it or come to a deeper understanding of your life and issues. If we continuously rely on others to tell our future, we do not build our inner sensitivity that will guide us on the right path. If we trust ourselves and listen to our inner voice and stop running to others for everything, we will know what the answers are.

5. Can they really make our lives better?

No, since most people have a tendency to believe them and get sidetracked. They complicate our lives and increase the thickness of our inner walls of self-deception. Human beings are very complicated. Sometimes people ask about some simple matter, but at the base of it, there are many other complex issues that need to be considered.

Fortunetellers/psychics see only one small layer of a person’s vibrations that is called the etheric or emotional levels, just like what animals can sense about a person. If he or she is capable of greater knowledge, they are not telling fortunes or doing readings; they know the need to keep their mouth shut and not involve themselves in the karma of others. A fortuneteller/psychic is by definition a person with limited intelligence and self-discipline, is unable to control images and visions coming from subtle levels of life, and is unable to know what the images really mean.

Even if we seek such things as mere entertainment, we need to ask ourselves, do we believe any part of it? Are we hoping deep inside of us that some of what the person said can come true? In some subtle way, we are putting power in someone else. At a very vulnerable time in a person’s life, fortunetellers can wield tremendous power and influence. We complicate matters further when we know we are deceiving ourselves and begin to lose faith in ourselves.

It is far better to seek help from qualified professionals and do the hard work.

Psychism is a serious issue and should not be toyed with and mixed up with common parlor tricks known as fortunetelling and reading people’s lives.

Thanks for the questions. Your comments are appreciated.


You can read more on this topic in Other Worlds and Psyche and Psychism and Challenge for Discipleship, and Breakthrough to Higher Psychism all by Torkom Saraydarian.

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  • I feel you went into writing this article with preconceived negative ideas about psychics and fortune tellers. Yes, there are fakes and money hungry types, but a real psychic doesn’t know to “keep her mouth shut” – she offers guidance, and ultimately helps the individuals she works with. You seem angry and jaded. I am sorry you didn’t see the benefits of a true psychic (intuitive).

  • I had a reading for the first time and contrary to what i expected, the readings made to me by a psychic revealed at least 99% accurate. I guess it is just up to the person what and what not to believe. Psychic readings are just a way to see what future holds and guide us somehow in dealing with certain situations in our lives.

  • Gita, you come across as angry in this post. Perhaps you should examine your intention… There are parlor trick psychics, just like there are so called professionals who only think of prescribing pills – just as quilty of the quick fix approach.

    Our times are different and there are many who are awakening; there are also many who offer their services in love and are the first to tell their clients to seek within for answers.

  • I enjoyed this post and agree with most of what you said.

    I do think that there is room for legitimate divination to provide us with direction and understanding so that we can attain balance and harmony in our lives.

    Systems like the I Ching and Ifa Divination, which is part of the Yoruba philosophy that I practice, can be invaluable tools in our growth and self-exploration.

    It is truly unfortunate that the proliferation of telephone psychics and other fortunetellers has undermined the potential value that these ancient and respected practices could be bringing to people’s lives.

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