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Why do people try to prove or disprove God? Especially using Scientific Methods!?

It is funny watching atheists try and disprove God. Richard Dawkins can write hundreds of pages on the topic, but he will never find a shred of evidence that disproves God. Nor will anyone else.
Equally amusing is the people that try to prove God, either with the Bible or a personal awakening, etc.
You can’t prove or disprove God, it is an immaterial, spiritual thing.
Paul S – I do not know what you are talking about, people try to provide “evidence” that there is no God all the time.
Burden of proof – that is why I am an atheist. If atheists so strongly say that it is true that there is no higher power, then there is a burden of proof on them.
We’re not talking about a fucking spaghetti monster? Will you admit that the laws of physics and the universe are a little bit of a fu(king mystery.


  1. I don’t know of any athiests who try to disprove God, and I doubt that Dawkins does so. I strongly suspect you’re just imagining that.
    Google “Burden of Proof”.
    Read carefully.
    Never post this kind of nonsense again.
    “Paul S – I do not know what you are talking about, people try to provide “evidence” that there is no God all the time.”
    That’s right. You don’t.

  2. Atheists don’t even bother to prove the non-existence of a round triangle. do they need to? God falls by its own weight.
    Never heard of the “burden of proof”?. do some research and come back.

  3. Actually, you can disprove it. It produces definate logical contradictions against testable knowns.
    As such, it is definitively false, just as ‘there exists a cardinal pair (a, b) such that a/b = sqrt(2)’ is definitively false. Both can be proven false by contradiction.

  4. Dawkins doesn’t try to disprove god….he doesn’t have to. there is no evidence for a god so that being said…..There is no god. I mean I have no evidence for the existence of the flying spaghetti monster….so that makes him…You guessed it…not real. So I am not going to waste my time even using the scientific method because there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

    • Many intelligent people throughout the centuries have believed in a creator!!! It is very arrogant to poke fun of all of them who have held this belief.

  5. You can also write hundreds of pages and never find a shred of evidence to “disprove” leprechauns, or the Flying Spaghetti Monster, or the teapot orbiting Pluto.
    You CAN, however, show how and why it’s unlikely that any of these things exist.

  6. “God” is not only immaterial and spiritual, it is also vague and undefined. Such a beast cannot be proven or disproven. On the other hand, the concepts of “omnipresence”, “omniscience” or “omnipotence” can be scientifically disproven, for example by pointing out self-contradictions or contradictions with physical reality or the laws of physics.

  7. I’m an atheist, I never try to disprove the existence of god, to me it doesn’t exist, period.
    How can I prove that something doesn’t exist ??

  8. The burden of proof falls to the one making the assertion, be that assertion positive (God exists) or negative (God does not exist).
    The Scientific Method is incapable of proving or disproving the existence of God because, as you mentioned, God is supernatural and the Scientific Method can only measure the natural world. Those that attempt to use science in this way are trying to weigh a chicken with a yardstick; they are making a category logic error.

  9. That’s exactly why god can’t be proved. God is already an unfalsifiable claim and once these religions starting adding more unfalsifiable claims(like he’s outside of space/time) then you just have to take the whole concept on faith.

  10. The western concepts of God are logically contradictory in their attributes and are therefor impossible to exist.
    It is logically impossible for one being to be:
    1. All knowing
    2. All Powerful
    3. Present everywhere
    4. Good and Loving
    5. Personal
    6. Have free will
    7. Exist outside of time
    Therefor, such a being cannot exist.

  11. well we can’t prove their is no God but we also can’t prove that Santa Claus does not exist
    does that make you think or jut ponder at how many other fairy tales we can’t prove

  12. its funny seeing religious people try to convince atheists that God is real just by saying, because he is. give me an answer that can be explained through logic, not here say. the easter bunny exists because it’s in a book somewhere.

  13. I agree, no one will ever disprove God for he is our creator. They think it is easier to blame everything on science. God has everything written and it will all happen in his time. Weather we like it or not. It is all part of his plan to see who really believes in him and who doesn’t. If you believe the science than you will fall for the theory that the world is under destruction do to our own stupidity which is false. The world is under destruction because the Lord is preparing his return. The many things that you see happening in the world today they blame on science, weather, even FDA has a pill for everything, soon there will seem to be a solution for everything and it will all fall under one category and it won’t be Godly at all. If we fall victim to this we will all miss the wonderful return of our Lord and Savior. God Bless!!

    • First, learn to spell. Then spew. If you can’t spell correctly, it leads one to believe that you are flawed. If you are flawed enough to be incapable of correctly editing your own words, one might be led to believe that you are flawed in other attributes, such as – thought, reasoning, etc. Due to the fact that you can’t spell, you are less than perfect and should probably be silent until you improve your spelling and by default, mental prowess. Because you believe in a preposterous fairy tale being in the sky that can do anything, you are as gullible as the cave people who created such a being as an answer to the things they couldn’t understand. You are ‘of cave mentality’. They couldn’t spell either.

  14. A really good question. Spiritual things can not be proven by scientists because they are spiritual. However scientific things can be proven in scripture which is both physical and spiritual..

    • How does scripture “prove” anything? It is hearsay and text written by someone and transcribed a very long time ago (supposedly) possibly by someone who felt like writing something down. Stories have been written since man began to communicate. Does the fact that someone wrote it make it real? If you read it, is it true? How about this? ->I caught a fart yesterday in a jar and painted it green. It’s true. It must be. You’re reading it !

  15. I don’t try to prove anything to anyone. God doesn’t need us to defend Him.
    If I stopped dwelling on how things would/should be, I’m better able to pay attention to what I’m doing or not doing right/wrong.
    “The highest form of wisdom is kindness”

  16. Burden of proof.
    No, the burden of proof is on those who say there’s a super-being.
    With no evidence for their claim, and no reason to believe it, those who don’t believe it don’t need to prove anything.
    You can’t prove that there isn’t a purple unicorn orbiting the sun between Jupiter and Saturn.
    The burden is on me to give some reason to think there is.
    I don’t try to disprove god; I just keep asking what reason or evidence there is to think there is such a thing.
    And when people make false claims about evolution, I try to explain what it actually is (though I think that’s a separate issue).
    You can’t prove the nonexistence of a non-existent being; that’s not how proof works.
    Dawkins doesn’t think there’s some piece of evidence out there that disproves god’s existence; he understands the nature of proof better than that.
    He argues based on the unreasonableness of belief in god.
    Edit: if you’ve never heard of the Flying Spagheti Monster, try typing the phrase into your favorite search engine. It’s an alternative to god thought up by a brilliant nut who was fighting the teaching of theology in science classes.
    Just so you know what people are referring to.

  17. I would suggest reading “The Case For Christ” to see some of the plentiful information. Especially the evidence pertaining to God. There is such an overwhelming amount of evidence supporting Intelligent Design, compared to Darwinism, or anything else. I am in no way saying this to be against athiests, but if you truly wish to have an informed dicision, and a true openminded opinion, then you must know that there is more to both sides.

      • Funny – you missed another typo – “dicision”. Do you pay no attention to the little squiggly red lines under the misspelled words you type?
        Another mental midget proving your metal prowess by typing incorrectly and not even noticing the error which has been automatically pointed out to you. Where else are you mentally deficient – is it just your vision or might it possibly be in the area of logical thought? Either way, do us all a favor and please be silent until you have something logical to spew.

  18. God is merely an outlet for those of us who need a security blanket; those who are afraid to die having only lived a meager, unproductive, underwhelming existence; those who fear never being able to be with a cherished loved one, such as their favorite pet or some other ridiculous object or a close relative. Face it – we’re all going to die and we’re not coming back or meeting anyone “up there”. Dig somebody up and ask them how they’re making out up there in the clouds or wherever the heck you think they go. What? They take some other form like electricity or an airborne soul or something? When you’re dead, you’re brain is dead and the brain is the only thing capable of producing your thought, reasoning, pleasure, etc. Therefore, how could there possibly be eternal bliss without a brain to tell you how blissful everything is? Grow up and take your death like a man.

    • I am sorry- you just make me laugh. You speak with such certainty about things you know nothing about. Ignorance and confidence is a dangerous combination!!!

  19. It’s hard to believe how one person will try so hard to discredit another’s beliefs, while being as ignorant as to believe they are right without any doubt. First- if God (if he does exist) had left evidence of his existence, then he would have had contradicted his entire aim for humanity, so leaving a word (faith) seems like a kind of proof, And for one to believe god is a personal puppet to appear suddenly just to please one is ignorance and stupidity all in itself… Second it is quite wrong to spend so much energy trying to disprove God… When an intelligent person might otherwise realize people need God… Rather in existence or not, the entire concept of God does allot of good and helps billions. I am entirely aware that there has been many tragedies following religion, but then again science has had many tragedies as well smart people… And I have even heard some blame war on religion but again war is mostly for money and territory more than religion. So before a tiny person can try so hard as to so quickly think they have the biggest answer to the biggest question ever asked…… Oh thanks… You have finally answered the ultimate question!

  20. Lets us take the atom for example… Invisible to the naked eye… Microscopic… But it is everywhere… Just because some ignorant people dwell the earth feeling that have no purpose for their existence does not mean you have to try to make others feel your pain… Even atheism is a religion in which you are still practicing beliefs in not believing… Ha ha ha! Wow !!!

  21. @Paul S “I don’t know of any athiests who try to disprove God, and I doubt that Dawkins does so. I strongly suspect you’re just imagining that.”
    Yup yup, just like I imagined Dawkins writing the famous “God Delusion” book that sought to prove that believe in God was delusional. Of course, since a self-respecting atheist like Dawkins would never attempt such a thing, I must be delusional for thinking such a book was ever written 😉

  22. You people are ridiculous, trying to throw around mathematical functions (that of which you obviously have no idea what you’re even talking about) to disprove the very obvious fact that something had to have created matter as we know it. J.P.’s answer is hilarious.”Therefore it is disproved.” Yep, you’re right, you just settled a debate that has ragged since the beginning of time with some crap function that makes absolutely no sense. And to the guy who suggested God’s attributes are impossible to be held by one being, how in the world would you know? Please tell me, I’m curious. It seems like artists know something no one else does, because they always have some farfetched and unexplained reason as to why “God cannot possibly exist.” What is it exactly that you think put you here? Must you be so miserable and opinionated all your life that the only scientific reasonings you research are the ones that make God seem unreal, and ignore the countless others (i.e Law of Creation) that PROVE to the extent of what the human mind can conceive that a creator must exist in order for creations to exist? It’s pathetic, but more so sad, to see how many people actually live life believing they came from NOTHING, and therefore believe they have no meaning.


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