Why do people THINK animals are insignificant?






And don’t any of you start in on that crap about me being some human hating animal loving tree hugging hippie cause I’m not. But do care about the other creatures who live in this world.
Are you an animal? Do you know what it’s like for them? Why people hate them? They exist deal with it. They aren’t as evolved as us! Deal with it. That’s not their fault and it’s stupid to hate and abuse and ignore them simply cause you THINK they aren’t worth much. And there’s nothing wrong with defending them either, animals deserve defense don’t they. They are blamless creatures. They don’t have kitchens and houses or opposable thumbs (not all of them that is) and that’s not their fault. They don’t think like us, though they do think and caculate that is for certain. They don’t wear clothes like us. Again not their fault, they were born the way they are and act the way they do so stop hating them and defining them as useless because of it. It’s ignorant!


  1. you go girl!!! i hate people who abuse animals, it’s the stupidest thing to pick on a creature who can’t help themselves. people really need to step back and take a good look at what they are doing.
    *i’m not a hippy people hating animal lover either*

  2. I think people just push those thoughts to the back of their minds, when they eat them and wear leather, etc.
    People have probably trained themselves not to think about it because it would be too confronting for them
    Imagine if we raised humans in factory farms and then slaughtered and ate them!!
    sorry, my vegan-ness is coming out there… hehe

  3. Why view animals as sweet, innocent, blameless creatures and then turn around and kill them and eat them? Why not view them as what they are to us… food.

  4. We dont hate animals :). All generalizations are wrong. Just like this one.
    Btw do you eat pork, chicken and beef? If you do, it doesnt mean you hate them right? They just taste so good! LOLz!

  5. It’s nice that you think animals deserve rights etc. And I don’t think that they should be abused and have their habitats ruined. But here is my way of thinking:
    Animals do not have souls. If I give money to an animal charity I would feel terrible that I may have saved a dog or a rabbit or something but my brothers and sisters in Africa and other places are dying from hunger and extreme poverty.
    Also, saving animals is good, but who knows, one day a bulldog might maul one of your kids or a snake might bite you.
    Animals have no intelligence (or atleast nothing compared to humans) and I just think that menot supporting animals rights is not about hating animals but about prioritising.
    But just because I think that, I wouldn’t judge you for having a passion for helping animals or whatever- it’s still noble work.

  6. Dude…I save ants from drowning.
    Actually, all animals are evolved, just in a different way. For example, dogs can’t talk human, and well people can’t bark properly either.

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