Why do people talk about negative energy being the cause of problems?

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Do people who bring up negative energy even know what energy is?
It isn’t some invisible supernatural agency that makes you sad and angry.
Its (Kilogram x mass^2)/seconds^2.
You can’t change energy with just a thought
(Kilogram x meters^2)/seconds^2.

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we can agree to disagree, but I believe that there is positive and negative energy, any physics class will prove this. All things in life have good and bad, positive and negative. You can change anything with thought.. thus the concept of mind over matter..


it’s easier to say “This problem happened to me” than “I have this problem” or ” I have a problem because I made some dumb moves or bad choices”
Negative Chi or energy is just a sexy version of Goddidit.


Joe, i know you’re a skeptic and all…
but the “energy” we talk about can’t really be measured. At least not with our current technology.
However, to slake your scientific thirst, i suggest looking into the “double slit experiment”…
There was another experiment involving a machine which produced random numbers, and the test subject was asked to “will” the machine to create either more odd numbers, or more even numbers… and the results were notable. I really do wish i had a link for that one.


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