Home Discussion Forum why do people take astrology so seriously?

why do people take astrology so seriously?

I have never found the idea that the positions of the stars (although I love the stars themselves) has some relevence to my character as a person, very convincing. If you are a believer in astrology, please tell me why you think that it is true. Thank you.


  1. Because they’re gullible. Always remember, no matter how stupid something is. No matter how ridiculous it is. No matter how absolutely insanely preposterous something is, you will ALWAYS find people to believe it. Belief in God is a very good example.

  2. Good question. Take it from an astronomer – the positions of the sun, stars, and planets have NO impact on your daily life or personality.

  3. I think it is because they want to believe that their is no control over their lifes. So it is more easier for them to blame the stars then themselves for their mistakes. In other words way for not taking responsibilty for their mistakes.

  4. Basic science suggests that energy will have an effect on us.
    Science also tells us that the dates you see in your local newspaper must be wrong. Open up a book on Astronomy to the page where it shows the apparent path of the Sun through the heavens as seen from Earth. Find the date where the line crosses the Ecliptic in March, one of the equinoxes.
    This is typically called the Start of Aries, note which constellation it really is in (Pisces/Aquarius)
    If you adjust the dates then the theory is simple, the energy from the Constellation passes through the Sun (or another planet) is modified and magnified by the energy signature of the Sun/planet then hits you on Earth. The resulting combination forms a template at birth and then interacts as you progress through your life either supporting or working against your basic template.
    Looking deeper the purpose of this interaction is to direction along different pathways to learn different life lessons etc.
    If you study any reasonable form of meditation you will be able to feel the differences in these energies (by specifically drawing them in etc.) and prove this for yourself.
    The Houses are a different subject but think about Olympus or look up the term “Ring Pass Not” for some hints on this.

  5. I don’t believe in it, but I do think there is something to it as there is to just about everything. I think a lot of people see it as a fun hobby/interest. Interestingly enough, I do tend to get along better with people who are the signs that are supposedly compatible with mine. It’s probably a conincidence, but who knows?

  6. I’ve taken a pretty intense course in astrology which was extremley interesting. I have to say that there are many aspects of my sign which fit my personality. Also, there are many things that I learned about my birthchart that made absolutley no sense whatsoever. I will say this… there were a few people in my class who spoke as though astrology explained everything. This really turned me off and made my cynical side come out. You COULD very easily argue that astrology is bullshit. Then you have those who are not fanactics but who follow it because their experience of it made a lot of sense. I think one reason why people believe that the position of the planets when you born and based on the location of your birth affects your affairs on earth is because the planets are so physcially MASSIVE in relation to us as human beings on earth. To answer your question, I think some people take astrology maybe too seriously because they need something to believe in or because it makes them feel special. Or they want to feel like they have control over their lives so if they do certain things on certain days or not, they feel like they have more control.

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  8. I am a die hard fan of astrology as I experienced it. One of the astrologer did predictions for me around 30 years ago which all came true. One of them that I would be living abroad and I am here in NY. I take astrology and its predications very seriously.


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