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Why do people still confuse religion or religious views with God / The Higher power?

If God exists and i believe that something similar does (just not a person figure more like a consciousness within Everything). Why would “HE” only explain himself through one or two books? And they being the only path to find him?


  1. There is no “they”; there is only one Word of God and that is the Bible. It serves as a map and spells out his plan of salvation. But you are correct, God is often confused with religion. The Bible is clear he wants a relationship.

  2. Religion is how people express their beliefs about a particular God. So it actually is a manifestation of how they see him, her or it.

  3. Simple answer. If Jesus is True God and True Man , His Words and deeds would be all you need.
    Your question was answered by the great Catholic mystic St John of the Cross (friend of the other great one, St Teresa of Avila) :
    ” But a voice came from the cloud above: “This is my Son, the Beloved. Listen to him.” (Mt 17:5; Mk 9:7) St John of the Cross said that God was more or less saying: “If I have already told you all things in my Word, my Son, and if I have no other word, what answer or revelation can I now make that would surpass this? Fasten your eyes on him alone because in him I have spoken and revealed all and in him you will discover even more than you ask for and desire … I have already spoken, answered, manifested, and revealed to you by giving him to you as a brother, companion, master, ransom, and reward …If I spoke before [through priests and prophets in the Old Testament] it was to promise Christ … [But if people asked God to speak to them now or ask for visions] they would offend my beloved Son deeply because they would be obliging him to become incarnate and undergo his life and death again. You will not find anything to ask or desire of me through revelations and visions. Behold him well, for in him you will uncover all of these already made and given, and many more … My Apostle proclaimed this in writing to the Colossians: ‘In the Son of God are hidden all the treasures of the wisdom and knowledge of God’ (Col 2:3).”
    St John of the Cross concludes: “Anyone wanting to get something in a supernatural way would, as it were, be accusing God of not having given us in his Son all that is required. (The Ascent of Mt Carmel, Bk 2, ch. 22.)

  4. Most are brought up with the notion of the humanistic monodeity idea and are taught that IS religion. They can’t grasp the concept that religion can be about something non-physical; that it is a collection of ideas/thoughts.

  5. Your definition (not just a person figure etc etc ) is what God is . God will be different things to different people because we are discussing “consciousness within everything” spirit / soul.there for there is no right or wrong description we should be open to other peoples beliefs or religions.
    I don’t know if you have read The Bible or any other books you mention I see the bible as a history book so to speak . The books do not I think explain God and the pathway to find God is through yourself .


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