Why do people still believe in parapsychology?





The paranormal has never been proved, and has ALWAYS been debunked as a hoax. Just take a look at James Randi’s million dollar prize, which has never been awarded despite all the applicants claiming that they have supernatural powers yet can’t even prove them under simple, controlled, test conditions? Science has always shown that the supernatural does not exist; there are no ghosts, there’s no such thing as telekinesis or pyrokinesis or any other -kineses, dowsing is fradulent, chi energy is fiction, and ouija boards are explained by the ideomotor effect.
My question is: how can people still believe in these things despite the fact that none of it is real and has been disproved so many times?
Pricey – Actually, it just about always IS explained by science. The ones that aren’t, aren’t because they aren’t of satisfactory quality; i.e. grainy films of ghosts and so on.


  1. Parapsychology is a science, and like any science, there are better and worse experiments. There is fraud in every science, and there are some things that are theorized before they are demonstrated in the laboratory. The goal of every science is to provide evidence.
    When we say that “X exists,” we mean that the presently available, cumulative statistical database for experiments studying X provide strong, scientifically credible evidence for repeatable, anomalous, X-like effects.
    With this in mind, ESP exists, precognition exists, telepathy exists, and PK exists. ESP is statistically robust, meaning it can be reliably demonstrated through repeated trials, but it tends to be weak when simple geometric symbols are used as targets. Photographic or video targets often produce effects many times larger, and there is some evidence that ESP on natural locations (as opposed to photos of them), and in natural contexts, may be stronger yet.
    Some PK effects have also been shown to exist. When individuals focus their intention on mechanical or electronic devices that fluctuate randomly, the fluctuations change in ways that conform to their mental intention. Under control conditions, when individuals direct their attention elsewhere, the fluctuations are in accordance with chance. (twm.co.nz)
    Many people who doubt the existence of PSI focus on the badly designed experiments or the fact that fraud has been propogated upon scientists in the past. If you examine the evidence presented by legitimate scientists within the field like Dean Radin, Charles Tart, Russel Targ, and Bruce Greyson, it is very convincing and it cannot be explained by the traditional sciences. If you believe in the scientific method and examine the evidence critically, it is difficult to deny the evidence. If you focus on popular skeptical websites, you are not examining the science, but rather accepting criticism of experiments or fraud that might be over 20 years old or accepting the word of non-scientists who have a great deal to lose if the science in parapsychology is recognized as legitimate. Examine the evidence yourself and make your own decisions.

  2. There is plenty of what some would call, “PROOF.” The fact of the matter is science won’t except anything they can not explain. One example is EVP. EVP has been studied by many under strict conditions. Even the Catholic Church studied EVP! The voices are real, interactive, beyond chance.
    As far as Dowsing the Pope hired a “Dowser” in the ealy part of last century to find a group of lost explorers in the artic. He pin pointed the location! Abbe Mermet was the dowser. One should also look into a book named ” Traite de Metapsychique.”
    The Russians have established positive results with “Telepathy.”
    I believe you should establish your facts with facts, not based on claims of others who stand something to lose.
    I have in the past conducted experiments with many subjects of “Parapsychology.” Some were beyond chance. I have been researching the paranormal for over 30 years. It’s a given folks can fake results or hoax experiments in some cases. However not all are a hoax.

  3. Its a scientist job too. People who claim their powers or whatever can’t control them. they can get mixed messages. Scientists are suppose to prove everything out but if you experience/see something that you can’t prove or know how it got there. Youll think its paranormal. Paranormal researchers try to get a reson for everything before they say its a spirit. Go on a ghost tour or stay a night at a supposed haunted place. maybe youll change your mind.

  4. Thanks to the SYFI channel which would be an acronym for the Science fiction channel its become quite popular, along with wrestling, it seems to draw there biggest ratings so they just keep putting it on the air, basically the same people that think ghosts are real think that WWE is real. so they keep watching and believing, and SYFI keeps giving them there science fiction fix, its all about the money and marketing,

  5. 1 simple word… Hope if someone has lost a family member and they want to talk to them why not let them? its not hurting anyone and plus its pretty cool if you think about it the thought that the live beyond this one not just nothingness and i have seen a few pictures of ghosts with me in the picture and its scary as fuck i believe in ghosts also telekinesis can sometimes happen in dreams like seeing the future (deja vu) its just simple that some things science cannot explain and don’t get me wrong i love science but there is always something taht cannot be explaned

  6. Many people don’t know very much about science and how it works, and remember it as a collection of facts to be memorized, not a process to be followed. Therefore, when science says one thing and someone else says another, they think both are simply opinions (not one based on evidence and another based in fantasy) and both potentially valid. Because we learned in kindergarten that everyone’s opinion is valid, right?
    Plus, all that stuff is basically magic, and that sounds like a lot more fun than physics.

  7. okk, you can believe what you want. And I’m not speaking for everyone here, but I really do strongly believe that they exist. I guess you’ve never seen one so you would still believe in all the science stuff. but I have seen a ghost, and it was cool. I could see the persons shape, and it got cold. And I am 100% it wasn’t a shadow. because there was no one else in the room (and I’m not stupid enough to confuse a ghost with my own shadow) You don’t have to believe it, but I do.

  8. They want, so badly, to believe that someday they will get something which is utterly out of their reach. They want to sprout wings and fly. They want to be able to read minds. They want to be loved, and they are unlovable. So they continue to hope, and some of them manage to convince themselves.

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