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Why do people sell, buy and own books on black magick if it is forbidden? (Witch Question)?

The Wicca Rede:
If it harm none, do as you will.

All Witches must follow this simple rule but why do some own Books on black magick and the dark arts?

I have seen a few witch shops that sold some books on destruction, black magic and dark powers that had its own section.

I have also seen good witches owning web pages, books, and courses on black magick.

Why use black magick?


  • First, there are a LOT of witches who are not Wiccan. The Rede has nothing to do with them.

    Second, the Rede does not forbid harmful behavior (although a lot of Wiccans believe its unethical to cause harm with magic). It implies caution in the matter.

    Third, even if “harm none” was a rule, there’s always people who will break the rules. And as long as it will make money, someone will be willing to sell it.

    Fourth, just because you study destructive magic doesn’t require you to use it. As a historian I’ve studied all sorts of things that I don’t make practical use of or even necessarily believe in. The knowledge still has value.

  • Everyone interprets the ‘Rede’ on their own. Some Wiccans may wish to do “black Magick,” and others may wish to steer clear of it. The “Do as you will” part of the Rede supersedes the “an it harm none.” “Harm None” is very hard to interpret. Is eating Broccoli harming Broccoli plants? etc…

  • Two things.

    1) Wicca and Witchcraft are NOT the same. While I am both Wiccan and a witch, people can practice witchcraft without being Wiccan. That said, the Wiccan Rede does not apply to every witch.

    2) Black magick doesn’t mean bad magick. Wiccans see the light and dark in everything (or the opposties).Therefor darkness must be observed if light is. But is night “bad”? No. But it is dark, right? See what I’m saying?

  • First, the Wiccan Rede only applies to Wiccans. One does not have to be Wiccan to practice witchcraft. A person can practice witchcraft regardless of his or her religion. Also, the Rede isn’t so easily defined. It only states that we are free do do things that don’t cause harm but doesn’t exactly say how we should approach things that do. Next, we have to define “harm.” Does harm just mean direct physical harm against another living being? What about plants or non-living things like rocks? What about indirect harm? Or emotional harm?

    Second, magic can’t be so easily divided into black and white magic. Every action you do, both physical and magical, will have both positive and negative effects. Depending on your intent, positive consequences may outnumber the negative, but both will still occur.

    Third, depending on the personal beliefs of the practitioner, he or she may view “black” magic as a means of last resort protection. Consider that if you were attacked, you might fight and possibly kill your attacker if necessary. Some apply this same belief to the use of magic in extreme cases, such as against a stalker.

  • because not all witches are wiccans.
    so they don’t have to follow the wiccan Rede.
    so not ALL witches have to follow the wicca rede

    i’m studing to become a witch, but not a wiccan. not that i’m going to do black magic. never! i do believe in the one part of the wicca rede that whatever you do so someone will come back 3X as bad.

    but then you should think of this question too. why do christians and jews kill if it says in the ten commandment Thou shalt not kill.

  • The Wiccan Rede is not a rule … it’s more like a guideline.

    Knowledge is good. So, even if you never plan to do “black” magick (magick just IS, it is neither black nor white) it is good to have knowledge of harmful/destructive/manipulative magick, because knowledge is power. Sometimes you are required to fight back magickally, and taking on the karmic debt is worthwhile.

    Witchcraft isn’t all light and fluffy, we have to learn to work with the darkness as well as the light. As someone else posted, there needs to be a balance.

    There are a lot of historically important books about Witchcraft which would be considered by many to be “black magick.”

    Also, not all Witches follow the Wiccan rede — it’s just for Wiccans.

    Having said all that, books of black magick spells are nearly always useless and will give you a lot more trouble than help, because it’s ones INTENT to cause unnecessary harm that causes karmic debt .. it doesn’t even matter if the spell is real or effective.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that Witches are usually not in favour of banning any sort of book. It’s ones choice to buy a book or not, so we’re not going to forbid (and how would we, anyway?) publication of “black magick” books.

  • As a fellow pagan, it is simple. Not all black magick is harmful. There is something called Balance, which is necessary. Black magick is NOT forbidden at all – however, it is to be used with the utmost care. Quite frankly, the “Binding” spell is actually a dark spell – not a light spell. People frequently mistake things for black magic because they involve the Fire and Air elements together, while thinking that spells involving earth and water are light magic spells. This is NOT true. Also, even if you don’t use it, you SHOULD know about it and learn it. Only a fool ignores such things.

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