Home Discussion Forum Why do people say "That people can't predict the future"?

Why do people say "That people can't predict the future"?

The fact that every human is psychic and we have spiritual guides that help us along the way. I think that we have been brainwashed or in better words, that we have been hypnotized to believe that we can not predict the future so that we don’t believe it as much and lose our powers to do so. As the conscious shift is happening it is clear we do. So, my question to you is. Can you predict the future? Not including obvious facts like the sun will set in the west. But predict outcomes of sporting events, predict changes in evolution, predict that you will have a close friend get a hold of you and know that it was the instinct that got you there. Thank you, I want to hear some feedback on the issue.


  1. We study mathematics so that we can predict the economy, archtecture, and we practice ball so we can predict where the ball will go, so we can hit it or catch it. And yet people say prediction is impossible. Bah-humbug!

  2. How correct are psychics? Some of their predictions turn out to be bogus, which means they are guessing – usually using tools to help them gauge what might happen in the future. When they are correct, they read the signs to predict a future event.
    Humans tend to be habitual creatures – or creatures of habit. Once you know a person well enough, you can predict what they will do in any given situation.

  3. uh ok well people can’t predict the future just like the mayo are gonna be wrong about the 2012 december 21 thing

  4. Some people seem to think so, and being of a more scientific bent, I have managed to freak myself out at times. I now accept the possibility more, especially after learning some basic information about quantum physics and string theory.

  5. Well there is no such thing as time. Everything really is happening at once. So that means that the future already happened. Also one time I took a very VERY high dose of LSD. I was completely in another world. In the vision I say that I would lose my girlfriend. I would meet a new woman and with her I would have a disabled child. I would live by the water. In the vision I was told that if I ever picked up the acoustic guitar again I would lose my wife and child. Well I did play it again and I lost my wife and child.

  6. Its called brainwashing and cultural assimulaion. Besides knowing that they themselves have denied their own view of the future they also assign the duty to change it to their children rather than accept any responsibility to act otherwise themselves. I have seen my furtue many times and have avoided the pitfalls while helping others around me willing to listen avoid them. Howecer I do not stoop to saying I told you so when they ignore my wisdom.

  7. First of all, it is not a fact that everybody is psychic. Of course, I would be willing to look at the evidence for this. It would be a pretty extraordinary discovery, though, since it has never been proven that even ONE person has ever been psychic.
    As for telling the future, this is testable. Make a few predictions and get some media attention for it. Then you can demonstrate that ability for James Randi, under mutually agreeable conditions, and you will win a million dollars.


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