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Why do people say tai chi is the most dangerous type of martial art?

i hear from friends that tai chi is actually dangerous.


  1. It is considered to be a soft style, but it is also considered to be a very difficult style to beat.
    I can’t prove that statement, but that is what I have been told.

  2. Taichi Chuan is a very devastating art.
    What the Americans learned, that passive Yang style, is not complete Taichi.
    There are too many necessary components missing like Yin Yang theory, 5 Element theory, Quadrant theory, Silk Reeling.
    The Qi that can be released from a Taichi practitioner that has the complete teaching can rupture internal organs and stop or accelerate blood causing blood clots ruptured blood vessels – internal bleeding.
    Also Poison Hand comes from Taichi Chuan.
    What is practiced today is just a shadow of what Taichi really is.

  3. It teaches the student to fully know, control, understand, and harness the strength and force of their mind, body, and spirit. A martial artist who can use all three effectively is exceptionally dangerous in any scenario.

  4. Practice it and you will know the basic concepts. It is meant to build up your internal strength and energy as well as tune your body and mind into one focusing on the energy within and outside.
    A true Tai chi chuan practitioner will never try to hurt others even if the others try to hurt him, thats because no one can hurt him/her if they are a true master.
    It does take a lot of practice , physically and mentally though to become an expert possibly many decades so dont expect quick results.

  5. Who says that? and what are their qualifications?
    I do not doubt that it has some potential, but “the most dangerous”? I highly doubt this claim…sorry. I just find it not really believable as a statement…

  6. There are four categories of combat in Chinese martial arts: Ti (kicking), Da (striking), Shuai (grappling, wrestling, throwing), and Na (joint and bone locking and breaking; muscle rendering; nerve, blood and breath sealing). When properly trained, Taijiquan can offer all of these techniques. Ultimately this is one of the reasons as to why Taijiquan can be a very capable martial art. The oldest style of Taijiquan in practice today is the Chen Style of Taijiquan. The Chen family has proven the efficacy of this art on the battlefield in ancient China and most modern practitioners (of authentic lineage)try to maintain this spirit of training. Taijiquan is most often misunderstood because many instructors of Taiji are not sufficiently trained to teach it.


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