why do people refuse that schizophrenia IS caused by demonic energy?





my brother was completely normal until he started dabbling with the goetia.. now he has been diagnosed as “paranoid schizophrenic” by two different psychiatrists.


  1. Why do people always blame it on some external source when most likely it is caused by other issues excluding demonic summoning or any form of spell craft, I know many magickal folk who both use Ceremonial magick like the Goetia and the less known Enochian and have no issues or problems at all.
    Granted this is dangerous in the wrong hands which is why it has guidelines and preparation’s to follow before, during and after to escape possible danger, you also have to examine the mental state and susceptibility of the individual performing this ritual act.
    Possession takes many forms but ultimately it is the magician who is at fault and not the Demon, the perception plays a massive role on the outcome or state of mind of a person who practices this type of high magick.
    93 93/93

  2. Because that is an issue of the brain. My brother in law was diagnosed with it when he was 17 and he hid from others till he was in his 30’s. This idea that he was “completely normal” is your perception, doesn’t mean he didn’t have this problem then. Also, I have a nephew who was diagnosed with this… he served in the military, never dabbled in anything, was a straight up kinda guy… even now you couldn’t tell he has this problem and he’s not any kind of meds.
    Blaming demons is just too easy. It lets you avoid actually having to deal with this and actually help the person. Instead, I’m betting you’re thinking of going off somewhere to let someone else deal with it, so you don’t have to.

  3. I think it can be both, Just because science or medicine is involved or can give a definition, or plausible explanation does not rule out the spiritual.
    However, maybe your brother started dabbling because the Schizophrenia was emerging.
    Schizophrenia usually becomes apparent between the mid teens and late twenties.

  4. “Demonic energy?”
    That form of mental illness has a basis in a physical illness—-the neurotransmitters in the brain are malfunctioning. It’s not demonic energy.
    Perhaps it runs in your family, these things can be hereditary, you know.

  5. I think demonic possession occurs to the unsaved. A Christian could never be possessed by a demon . I think some people make up disorders while others have chemical issues in the brain and some are demon possessed. I am not God but I would say the majority are demon possession issues. I’ve seen people that bash God and Jesus while they are acting paranoid.. hmm seems interesting that they would do that … isn’t it?

  6. Because schizophrenia has been proven scientifically to affect chemical balances in the brain. It’s caused by a variety of biological, psychological and psychosocial factors. No demons, but I’m not gonna convince you if everyone else can’t, so why bother asking?

  7. What is demonic energy? How do you determine if it’s at work? What is it composed of?
    Schizophrenics have an altered brain; for example, the cavities holding cerebral-spinal fluid are enlargened. So, when you speak of demonic energy, you’re clearly referring to something that can affect brain tissue–a physical substance–but somehow can’t be detected by any known measurement device–which are also physical. How would that be possible? To alter brain tissue, it would either need to exert pressure, heat, or release electricity, which are three things that we not only can measure, but can do so precisely…yet I’ve never heard of a single medical case in which such “energy” causes illness (although if you could cite a case in a peer-reviewed journal, I would be willing to read over it).
    Furthermore, we already know that a person can be “completely normal,” and then suffer from schizophrenia later. As a matter of fact, the most common ages of onset are during from the late teens to the early twenties, although people are susceptible throughout life. The fact that he was normal at one point and schizophrenic later isn’t unusual–it’s expected.
    You can look for a cause by latching onto anything he was doing, but you have to understand that this was in his genetic code: the cause was there, but had not yet manifested. His disorder isn’t his fault. You should be showing him support, not blaming him for something he couldn’t control.

  8. My ex wife was terribly schizophrenic. I witnessed behaviour that i would never wish to witness again. She is south american and had been brought up in a family that practiced witchcraft, people used to come from far off to have ‘spells’ done for them by her dad. My ex was trained to take his place when he died. One day after we had split up she found religion and her church told me that although i call it schizophrenia, they call it posession. She is a lovely girl now. But if you had seen what i had seen and what i am still at effect of many years later, you too would swear she had been posessed by a demon.
    Edit: I have just read the other answers here and thought i should add this: In the case of my ex, she literally turned into different people, charachter wise. She could be two or thre or more of these people at the same time, having an arguement with herself from all different charachters. She would even fall to the floor and writhe in agony, then stop breathing and go blue in the face. I had to revive her countless times only to find myself being arrested for something one of her charachters did….seriously. But i feel it is important to this question to point out how her finding religion cured her. Now there may be rational explanations and scientific links to explain why religion might cure a schizo, and there may be nothing supernatural at work, but it does remain to say that a church regarding it as demonic posession cured her.

  9. Anecdotal. And for the record, no human being is ever “completely normal”. Also, correlation does not imply causation.
    “why do people refuse that schizophrenia IS caused by demonic energy?”
    Because there is no evidence that that’s the case, or even that such a thing as “demonic energy” (whatever that is) exists in the first place.

  10. Because scientific studies strongly support that Schizophrenia has organic causes and it is suggestive that schizophrenic patients have family members or relatives who have the similar condition.
    Though there are other theories and factors too. (e.g. History of substance abuse, emotional trauma, poverty, constant interaction with the mentally ill)
    Too much dopamine or too much sensitivity of the dopamine receptors clinically manifests signs and symptoms of Schizophrenia. Abnormally Increased dopaminergic activity is found in Schizophrenic patients… and it depends on the type of schizo as well.
    Doctors use a specific manual in diagnosing psychiatric disorders: DSM IV Manual. Diagnostic and Statistical Manual IV. It has universal parameters. That’s why those psychiatrists have come up with the same diagnosis.

  11. First, it might be best to leave diagnosising to professionals. While you see a direct relationship, there may be many other factors involved that you are unaware.

  12. and how do you know he was completely normal?
    im afraid as schisophrinia is a brain problem, you coudlnt possibly know that
    we know what we see, not what is
    and having experience with it, i know that others dont always see it, some schistophrenics are still capable of some thought process, they can still ‘hide’ it if they want to

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