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Why do people refer to the Christan god as being male?

I don’t believe in gods, but I’m wondering, why?
I’m almost certain the “father” part is a metaphor.
I’ve always imagined her as a genderless swirling, faintly, rainbow colored blobs of aura, who can turn into a human-like form.
..>> I treat bibles like fantasy books.
Anyway, why?


  1. Because Christianity has its roots in Judaism. Judaism, prior to and during the time of Christ, was a male-dominated religion.

  2. Because according to their book, the bible, he is a male.
    I agree it’s like a fantasy book, but they don’t see it that way.
    Why do we refer to santa as being a male or the tooth fairy as being a female? – that’s the gender the characters of the stories are.

  3. its because the male species is known as more dominant, so thats why we refer to God as being a male. but in truth, He has no actual form. Jesus however is a male, and thats why some people call God a male.

  4. He refers 2 Himself as that…. but im wondering why the person who wrote “The Shack” put the image of God as a Woman…

  5. Because it was written in a time that women were nothing more than chattel – there for the pleasure, abuse and servitude by men.
    There are 3 women who contributed to the bible though – Ruth, Esther and Deborah – although Deborah there is no “book of Deborah” included in the bible.
    And it is a fun novel – full of intrigue, drama, comedy, love, hate, sex, violence – all the things that make a great “Lifetime” movie.
    Too bad people take it seriously.

  6. because the bible states that a descendant of david would rule on his throne for eternity
    since only the surname is carried on through the male line the descendant had to be male.
    To keep his promise God sent jesus born a male
    jesus refers to God as his father.
    jesus being God in human flesh calls God the father.
    God is three entities as one God.
    God is sexless not a he or a she
    only physical humans have a sex designation

  7. Because most Chrsitians believe Christ is God, and Christ as the bible says is male :/ Also because religion would not accept the fact that the highest been’s sex is what they consider inferior to males, they can’t relate to someone who has no sex either and “it” does sound a bit mocking.
    Oh yes, God actually has no sex, he’s as I like to think of it “above” all that crap. People always say they’re close to him though so that’s one way they relate.

  8. Because the Bible says God is a He. A Father, a Son. The Holy Spirit is a He.
    The Sons of God (Winged Cherebims who rebelled in Genesis6 are male.)
    And in the NT, a reference to creation. That God made the man in Gods Image. And the woman for the man to be his best friend. So woman is made special for the man.
    The New Jerusalem in Heaven is the Christan Mother. Because spiritual birth results in being born of Gods Spirit, and so the New Heavenly Jerusalem above is considered the Mother of us all. Where all born of God go.
    I prayed about this to God. Some people who have been abused by their dads, have a problem accepting God as being a Father. But the Christian Father is a Nurturing Father. Not like an abusive Father.
    When I had listened to this a few years ago, I then had a visitation from the Father. A symbolic vision of a strong muscle arm behind a bright cloud. So symbolic meaning that God is too strong & bright for us to physically see. And in visions, only symbolic visions.
    I since had a vision of God the Fathers strong muscle chest. Not a goddess here. And also had a vision of His hair. White wavy and fluffy. Like an older man who grew His beard. Sort of like St. Nicholas. But then, our Father isn’t one of His Saints.
    And also a clear distant vision of Jesus standing at the Right Hand of the Father’s Glory. There I couldn’t see the Father except for His Brightness & Glory. Just Jesus in a distant in the blue & cloudy sky vision at the right hand of Gods Glory.
    Since I listened to the Fathers Love Letter. That is the voice sound the Father has spoken to my heart & soul. I get a heaviness on my head and feel like going into a trance, and Jesus tells me that the Father has something to say. And so the Father has told me different things.
    And one thing He has said, ‘You can say that God the Father, Word & Holy Spirit Is One Creator.’.


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