Why do people often put Satanism, Freemasonry and Kabbalah into one group?

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What does Satanism, Freemasonry and Kabbalah have in common? Why do people group these together/why are they related?

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Slightly Amused 7th Account

Silly…..they are all controlled by the devil. Freemason eat babies and the kabbalah has the word “Allah” in it so is therefore evil.


what?! Freemasons eating babies? that’s just ridiculous!
Maybe before you start judging others you should look into it more.


WHO does that?


All anti-Christian.


first the kabbalah has nothing to do with the other 2 and freemasons are in fact satanic worshippers


Simple: everything which is condemned by their church is satanic. Therefore, freemasonry, the kabbalah and a great deal more are all labeled satanic. The Not-Us category.

Professor Coldheart!

Because, at one point or another, Madonna was a member of each?


They worship the same god


Outside of narrow minded fear mongering fundies, perhaps, I wasn’t aware that these were grouped together for any reason by anyone.


“things I don’t understand, and issue a blanket condemnation against”. Basically, some people just call something Satanic because it’s different than their way of thinking.


I don’t know of anyone that does that. If they did, it would probably be on the notion that they are all regulated and controlled by a satanesque entity? Who knows…


I honestly don’t know, but I just have to comment on the first reply….Allah means God…pick up a book 🙂

Rico JPA

Because together with the illuminati, the Trilateral commission, the Reptilian overlords, these comprise the favorite boogey men of the fear mongering, tin-foil hat wearing, conspiracy embracing, trend sucking dilettantes.

Jake is

Freemasonry and Kabbalah at their deepest levels are satanic. On the outside they’re meant to seem positive. Like local Freemason lodges holding charities for example.


The bitter old lady cashier who works the midnight shift at the drugstore where I buy my blunts thinks anything other than John Calvin’s doctrines are the work of Satan. Other than this sad human being I don’t know of anyone else that stupid.

Alien Jesus

People are skeered of what they don’t understand, kind of like holding a flashlight up to a bunch of natives on a lost island that have never seen technology before.


never heard of this. rational people don’t and they are the only people i talk to…

Don D

The original kabbalah was not jewish and it was based on Runes. Freemasons where Luciferian till Rothchilds corrupted them.
And Satanism is Mankind’s original religion;


THe only people that do are the uninformed. Those that have any knowledge of Freemasonry , and of Freemasons know the differences.
In short. Freemasons are NOT Satanists, and although NOT a religious group, God and the bible are at the forefront of EVERY Masonic lodge. The 3 groups are NOT related except in the minds of conspiracy theorists.


“People” don’t. There are some minor, mindless groups that throw everything that isn’t their religion in the ‘satanic’ bag. They’re ignorant and – quite often – don’t understand the ‘religion’ they claim as their own.
Satanism, Freemasonry and the Kabbalah have nothing in common. They are not related.


Critics of anything different tell us more about themselves than they say about what they condemn. I’m amazed at what I hear coming out of the mouths of people who believe in the Way, the Truth and the Life. They so readily accept lies as gospel!


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