• Critics of anything different tell us more about themselves than they say about what they condemn. I’m amazed at what I hear coming out of the mouths of people who believe in the Way, the Truth and the Life. They so readily accept lies as gospel!

  • “People” don’t. There are some minor, mindless groups that throw everything that isn’t their religion in the ‘satanic’ bag. They’re ignorant and – quite often – don’t understand the ‘religion’ they claim as their own.

    Satanism, Freemasonry and the Kabbalah have nothing in common. They are not related.

  • THe only people that do are the uninformed. Those that have any knowledge of Freemasonry , and of Freemasons know the differences.

    In short. Freemasons are NOT Satanists, and although NOT a religious group, God and the bible are at the forefront of EVERY Masonic lodge. The 3 groups are NOT related except in the minds of conspiracy theorists.

  • People are skeered of what they don’t understand, kind of like holding a flashlight up to a bunch of natives on a lost island that have never seen technology before.

  • The bitter old lady cashier who works the midnight shift at the drugstore where I buy my blunts thinks anything other than John Calvin’s doctrines are the work of Satan. Other than this sad human being I don’t know of anyone else that stupid.

  • Freemasonry and Kabbalah at their deepest levels are satanic. On the outside they’re meant to seem positive. Like local Freemason lodges holding charities for example.

  • Because together with the illuminati, the Trilateral commission, the Reptilian overlords, these comprise the favorite boogey men of the fear mongering, tin-foil hat wearing, conspiracy embracing, trend sucking dilettantes.

  • I honestly don’t know, but I just have to comment on the first reply….Allah means God…pick up a book 🙂

  • I don’t know of anyone that does that. If they did, it would probably be on the notion that they are all regulated and controlled by a satanesque entity? Who knows…

  • “things I don’t understand, and issue a blanket condemnation against”. Basically, some people just call something Satanic because it’s different than their way of thinking.

  • Outside of narrow minded fear mongering fundies, perhaps, I wasn’t aware that these were grouped together for any reason by anyone.

  • Simple: everything which is condemned by their church is satanic. Therefore, freemasonry, the kabbalah and a great deal more are all labeled satanic. The Not-Us category.

  • Silly…..they are all controlled by the devil. Freemason eat babies and the kabbalah has the word “Allah” in it so is therefore evil.

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