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Why do people not believe in reincarnation?

Is it fair that one person is born into a country that is undergoing famine, while another is born into a prosperous family, and another is born into a working class family?
How do you reconcile the ideas that there is only one life and we only get to live one life when there are others who suffer more than we do. Would that be a fair and just God?


  1. “Fair” means you receive what you deserve. Why would you think that you deserve anything at all from God? Everything you have is free gift. Appreciate it. God owes us nothing.

  2. How does reincarnation solve this issue? You might have crappy luck and get born into the same butt-end part of the world twice in a row.

  3. Yeah but think about how many people AREN’T born. How many millions of sperm cells are there at conception, but it only takes one. There are billions of people who are never born but those who are, are the lucky. Even those who lived thousands of years ago. The conditions children are born into is humanity’s fault only.

  4. Reincarnation is true in the sense that nondeterministic matter/energy systems revert to a state of inanimation at death, but can be reabsorbed by other nondeterministic systems and become animate once again.

  5. Because theres not one shred of objective evidence for it being at all true.
    “Fairness” isn’t a concept that applies to where anyone is born.

  6. There is no credible evidence whatsoever to support the idea.
    I am not religious. It is unfortunate that some people are born into suffering. That fact does not justify blind faith.

  7. “Would that be a fair and just God?” – The answer is, of course, no, it wouldn’t be. But if you take a good look at traditional religions, you’ll see that underneath the surface and behind the charade of godly “goodness,” every one of those religions actually presents “God” as a sadistic, insane tyrant who is to be Feared much, much more than ‘he’ is to be Loved. A few people have the courage to step back and see how sick traditional religious thought is, but only a few. Most are too scared and/or brainwashed to see that, if there is a “God,” what they believe is actually degradingly insulting to ‘him.’ And “God” will *never* be found in the stories of a book created by ignorant, angry, dictatorial men from the Bronze Age.
    A person who doesn’t accept reincarnation as true might reject it for one of several reasons: (1) They’re brainwashed beyond the ability to reason, or to know their own truths. They believe “God” is a tyrant whom they shouldn’t question, and that’s that; the mind is closed. (2) Or they reject all things “supernatural” or “paranormal,” not understanding that reincarnation is a perfectly natural part of nature. They think of reincarnationism as some sort of wishful thinking, and they consider themselves too smart to ‘fall for’ that. (3) And/or they have no past as human beings, no prior lives, so they have no point of reference and can’t believe what they can’t comprehend. (4) They have a very screwed-up idea of what reincarnation is all about, because they base their impressions on ancient eastern religions which are just as inflexible and dogmatic as western religion, or on “psychics” who say that Cher was Cleopatra and Elvis was King Tut. There’s a huge lunatic fringe out there around reincarnationland, so we can’t really blame the skeptics too much, can we?
    One important difference between reincarnationism and other beliefs is that *what* you believe about it makes no difference at all. You reincarnate, you return and continue to evolve spiritually, whether you believe it or not or are aware of it or not. For that reason, Reincarnationists often have the opinion that those who don’t accept reincarnation as true are usually fine as they are; they are where they need to be, finding their own way to truth.
    In his book Demon-Haunted World (page 300), hardcore skeptic of the paranormal and brilliant scientist Carl Sagan wrote: “At the time of writing there are three claims in the ESP field which, in my opinion, deserve serious study: … (3) that young children sometimes report the details of a previous life, which upon checking turn out to be accurate and which they could not have known about in any way other than reincarnation. I pick these claims … as examples of contentions that might be true.”
    So you see, there’s hope for humanity yet.


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