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Why do people (mostly women it seems) feel the need to pretend that they have psychic powers?

I know we all want to feel special. But super powers? Can it be a replacement for a conscience?


  1. You forgot about the ones who think they have spoken to Jesus in a vision or the ones who think they are Vampires. I think they’re all just friggin NUTS!

  2. I’m a woman and have no phsychic powers just like no women I know think they have any. Maybe you hang around dumb women.

  3. Ick, my Mom tries that crap all the time.
    Everytime something happens or someone new around does something stupid, she goes on and on about how she knew this or knew that ahead of time but didn’t want to say anything. She’s full of crap just like any other person who tries to pull it.
    This has got to be one of my biggest pet peeves.

  4. Women don’t always think they’re right and they don’t think they possess psychic powers. Sometimes, because of our hormones and other inside things, we can tell when something is going to go wrong. It’s called intuition. It’s not a definite thing, just that “uh-oh” feeling when something doesn’t seem right.

  5. phone sex operator jobs were all taken. This was the next logical step. And I’m a guy and I have psychic powers. Does that blow your theory? in fact I will make a prediction. You will not choose me as best answer. It says so right here in my crystal ball. In a few days all will see my prediction come true.

  6. People want to believe in something bigger than themselves. It makes them feel that they don’t have to be responsible for their own actions.
    Any supernatural power needs a higher being to control it- it isn’t just an everyday part of nature.
    I don’t know why women in particular get swayed by all that crap- even horoscopes etc are a very female thing. Or love matches.
    Maybe we just need better hobbies

  7. But why not? Imagine you are travelling in bus and it is boring to stay and watch through the window and you become to experiment your psi-powers on others -/so many people in disposition/ and you constatate being able to influence them by thought and making them do somethings /not harmful for them perhaps based on sub-luminal frequencies/ and this to correspond to your hobby.Would you refuse such emotions?

  8. Hello
    There are no psychic powers, nor super powers.
    Psychic ability is natural, we all have it – stronger in some that others. It requires hard work, dedication & patience to develop.
    I know many men who are developed as well as women.


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