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Why do people make up things about God? Does God have universal telepathy?


  1. I think in part because a God which shares characteristics with Its believers seems “better” to them. It’s easier to relate to a God which dislikes homosexuality than one that doesn’t, if you yourself shun it, for example.

  2. Because there crazy and to busy watching stupid shows about ghosts and cartoons, than to pick up a bible and read what god has left for us.

  3. Have you ever noticed the peoples god allways hates the same things they do.Now, I myself do not like the bible god. I think it is a slow thinking dimwit. Takes six days to create a universe and all when any god would take 1 nano second to do that. I think it is a lame reason the bible god uses for createing all. That heaven and hell thing. Lame. So very human.

  4. no one makes up anything about god. ask an atheist to provide you with scriptural evidence of there claims and they will every time. we are simply exposing the deities characteristics so many ignore in an attempt to assume there god is omnibenevolent, wich he is far from.


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