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Why do people judge people of religion,namely christians?

It seems to me that all walks of life have eqaul amounts of “bad charactor”, it seems it is easier to name religion because the world puts them in a category spotlight and it is easier for the ego to place blame on religion rather then face their own spiritual paths,Lots of religions and aithiest as well as pagons do not understand a gay person because they do not know the facts and fear promotes their anxiety which promotes anger. Rather then complain that they judge why not set an example and judge no one?


  1. Seems like you ask a question then give excellent answers to it yourself: Fear, blame, ego, misunderstand, anxient that leads to anger. All those things are reasons why people judge and condemn others instead of doing what Jesus commisioned us to do: Love one another and love God.

  2. Humans in general judge each other all the time. I have no belief system that tells me not to nor do I claim not to so at least I’m not hypocritical. What I don’t do is try to force my beliefs and expectations onto others. As long as no one pushes their beliefs at me or tries to convert me I feel I should do unto them.
    My first question to those who do push and try to convert is do they believe in the golden rule…

  3. Because they (non-believers) don’t understand us………
    We rely on the truth of the Scriptures & faith…….
    They rely on physical proof of things.

  4. Unfortunately, there are enough representants of christianity on this forum that make a fool of themselfs and create a bad image for all the rest of them.
    I think in real life things are very different. I didn’t really met a lot of people who tried to convert them to my religion (except a few missionaries) or to think their religion is better than mine. I rarely have any argue at all, in real life people accept and respect other’s beliefs. Sometimes I think most of the non-resonable peope gathered here

  5. I agree with you – the high levels of judgment that exist in this world serve little purpose, but considering Christians have been terrorizing this world for centuries (and continue to do so – the extremists), it makes them such easy targets.
    It isn’t nice, it isn’t logical – but then, I am rather mean and delusional.

  6. their own doctrine tells them not to judge yet they are more guilty of it than anyone. hypocracy tends to gain unwanted attention.

  7. We don’t have the right to judge…we should love everyone as Jesus also loves everyone..no matter what the sin! Jesus is the only true judge!!!

  8. Because Jesus said to preach the truth. If that is hate to you, it is because you hate the truth.
    Homosexuality is a sin according to God.

  9. There is a fine line between someones opinion, and assumptions.. christians have slayed millions, if not billions of people just to proove their religion is right.. why would i want to respect people like that!

  10. Your question doesn’t make sense.
    Most atheists and Pagans don’t judge gays, if that is what you are talking about, as long as they don’t bother them personally, that would be mostly fundamentalist people.
    And if you are talking about Christians being judged, polls constantly show that atheists are those who are judged, 63% of the country would automatically not vote for a person, even if they were the best candidate, if they did not believe in the supernatural.
    Sorry, but something between your question and explanation got lost in translation.

  11. It’s a structure with all the building blocks of mind control. Hence, it contains the tools for isolating members by condemning everybody else but them.

  12. When a war is started by an, “aithiest,” or a, “pagons,” or they picket funerals, or they go door to door telling people they will go to hell for not being just like them, or they hold back the forward momentum of science and the future of mankind, THEN you can whine about how the poor christians are so picked on for no reason.
    Until then, good luck with your gay thing or whatever it is you’re trying to say.

  13. If someone steals or commit murder, should the judge look the other way when the person is brought before him. If he says ‘you are guilty’ that will be judgment and if he says ‘you are innocent’, that will be judgment also.

  14. I don’t think that’s entirely fair. For instance, I’ve yet to meet a single pagan who was opposed to homosexuality. Aside from thinking it less balanced… but still not opposed to their choice of paith.
    And you’ll have seen some annoyed or angry comments from me in this area towards Christianity. Unlike a lot of fellow pagans, I don’t immediately assume every Christian I meet is one of the types that makes me want to rip my hair out. I always give the individual a chance.
    But, certain types of Christians, namely fundamentalists and bible thumpers, drive me absolutely insane by their own lack of tolerance. Because I am not Christian, I’m a “fool,” an “anti-christ,” a “demon worshipper” and/or “satan worshiper,” and various other unpleasant and false titles. It can be difficult to remain civil towards a group that consistantly verbally assaults you.
    Nowadays there are more liberal Christians and Muslims that aren’t as aggressive, and quite honestly, I thank whatever God might exist for them. Imagine that… a respectful Christian/Muslim! Who’d’a guessed it was possible?
    But the reason people tend to judge those groups is because of a number within them, generally fundies and bible thumpers, which are constantly ready and willing to verbally assault non-Christians. It is very not cool.

  15. I agree that all walks of life have equal amounts of “bad character” because we are all just people. Every individual has certain things they cannot/willnot cope with. I’m a Christian who has no fear of homosexulity, and have had friends who were gay.
    As for judging – isn’t it judging me to say that I’m being judgemental of others. Everyone complains that Christians are intolerant, judging, and any number of other unpleasant descriptions – but the very act of claiming that Christians are “that way” is a judgemental and intolerant act on your own part.
    Set your own example.

  16. You make very good points in your question-so is it really a question? However, you can’t judge people as a whole religion. I’m christian, yet I accept everyone and never try and convert people.

  17. I created a saying years ago……..
    “What you are afraid of might be because you know little or nothing about it.” ~ Keri K

  18. People judge themselves, never realizing how much they compare themselves to the outside world. If you judge yourself, how can you judge no one?

  19. Is this a ‘ religion’ question or a ‘gay rights’ question’? I’ll answer by saying this — in the Bible it clearly states JUDGE NOT LEST YE BE JUDGED. WHAT THAT MEANS IS THIS—-if YOU have not commited the particular sin then you have the right to judge anothers behavior. This is how my minister explained it to me. I believe it means EXACTLY what it says . Don’t condemn me for what you yourself may or may not do. We have not got the right to tell anyone else how or when or whatever. As for the ‘gay’ reference, just so you know I’m not judging any one – 2 of my 3 husbands have been gay — not bi –GAY.
    So as to the ‘gay’ reference —-In the Bible it clearly states that homosexual activities IS A SIN!! Cut and dry.There’s to be no sexual contact between two people of the same sex.

  20. Judgments are absolutely necessary in life. Judgments are part of free will.
    Le 19:15
    “‘Do not make something that is wrong appear to be right. Treat poor people and rich people in the same way. Do not favor one person over another. Instead, judge everyone fairly. ”
    I believe I judge people fairly. I believe that religions are dangerous. I also see that so many people of Faith put themselves up on a pedestal and look down at others as we would look down at rats. Both Christians and Muslims do this and create a hate that never ends. Its all so childish.
    Also, much of the religious right are war mongers and have been in favour of Bush’s invasion of Iraq without any thought about the facts.


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