Home Discussion Forum Why do people into astrology seem so frustrated all the time?

Why do people into astrology seem so frustrated all the time?

Looking through all the questions. All the fighting, distress and frustration. Does astrology not really help all that much?


  1. Astrology is only a guideline, if that much. People put too much stock in what they believe what the stars should tell them to do, instead of doing what they want to do. People need to use common sense and look into themselves to see what they should do, not the heavens.

  2. Yes its true people who are asking question are often in distress ; and that why ; they are asking questions ; and NO astrology is not a cure for any kind of disease or dispute ; but people hope to get a positive answers which occur ; if a good transit is on there way ;;;;’;’When you are in pain ; the only thing left is hope that things will get better

  3. Not necessariily. Some people just like to research on their own environment and situations, however, it mostly takes a distressed sounding question for people to take it more seriously sometimes. People just like to bash this topic a lot. That’s why when I type my questions, I always somewhere point out, “I’m not mad, Just curious, Looking for opinions that’s all”, or something in between like that. It’s just a way for some people to get more into learning who they are, and to learn what others could possibly concieve them as.

  4. I think people who just started studying astrology are looking for absolute truths, and that’s why their questions sound like that..
    the truth is they won’t find absolute answers, and when they realise that they become more relaxed and they start to see that u can use astrology as a guide not a religion or a science.
    so it depends on the person really and what his/her view of life

  5. Being “into” astrology is one thing but living the tenets is quite another. Seems to me that the more astrology you learn the more accepting you should be, but I agree that it doesn’t look that way here, especially today. But its hard work to understand the fine shades of meaning the chart presents and it is so much easier to grab one feature and base all your beliefs on that. Many religions today talk about members picking and choosing the rules they like and leaving the more difficult ones behind. People generally like what is easiest; its the human condition, I think. People who come to this section in real distress should find some measure of enlightenment if we do our jobs correctly. Unlike some others here, I do think that all of our answers are in our charts and we must work to find them and then make the effort to learn how to put them into action.


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