• That is much worse then the western hucksterism that encourages us to buy bigger SUVs and shop at Wal-Mart!

    If you take classes regularly, it works out to the price of a movie ticket. And it does your body a lot more good then plunking down with a bucket of buttered popcorn to watch Ben Affleck’s latest and greatest.

    And exercising in a room full of hot women (not all of them, but a good enough portion) isn’t a bad bonus, either.

    Tell ya what, if you don’t like yoga, great. Don’t do it. Go eat some more In ‘n’ Out burgers, and let people choose how they want to spend THEIR time.

  • yoga only cost me $10 for an instructional dvd. i’d hardly call that hucksterism. i think it’s mostly done for health benefits. yoga keeps the body limber and prevents muscle atrophy and poor posture.

  • I’ve practised both without having to spend or charge a cent in my life for either. It’s therapeutic, helps calm the nerves, stimulates self control. But I think people are unfairly manipulated into going to such ‘yoga/meditation classes’, it’s just another stupid corporate scandal.

  • For the health benefits.

    Yes, some people do these practices because they are a local fad. But they’ve been in use for thousands of years because they work.

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