Why do people do Tai Chi in parks ?

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Does it have something to do with the open flow of chi in a park vs. in a more enclosed, private space? Just wondering. Thanks, best answer is my homey for life.

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lots of people who do tai chi dont wear deodorant, and open areas have the best ventilation

Aaron J

Haha @ Ollie

Tai Chi is just a normal exercise to most people and when it’s nice outside, why not do it outside? I have practiced Karate almost entirely outdoors, only moving indoors during major conventions, and when it’s too cold out.
There is also the belief that people can better connect with the Earth Chi when out on the bare ground; and connect better with the Air/Heaven Chi while outside.
Don’t you feel better when you go outside and play/jog/swim/lounge in the yard?


Because its the place to practice in China.
Here in Boston, the only people I see regularly doing Tai Chi Chuan or swinging swords in the parks are the Chinese.


Parks are usually the only areas big enough for people to gather and practice Tai Chi. The people who come out when it rains look for a scovered space to practice. It becomes a daily habit. The fresh air is a plus. Ive let a couple mean ones rip before while i was practicing.
Tai Chi was a well kept secret and used to be practiced in private in Chenjiacao for hundreds of years. Some top students get special training behind closed doors and are called “indoor students”.


The same reason people jog in the park.
If it’s a beautiful day outside, wouldn’t you prefer to do anything outside? Besides, I don’t know many people who owns a home with a +800 sq.ft. empty room.

Chris P

Your question is answered in detail here, homey.


Exercise! Why do we jog in parks? Same reason — to knock out some stress and get movin’.
You know, people should do that more often. No fair that only China does tai chi in parks. I think that’s a great idea and that people should do it around the world too. It makes it more interesting and it’s healthy too.


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