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Why do people define people who have visions or some kind of telepathy; crazy?

This applies to “Some People”…


  1. Because it isn’t something that they can measure empirically. If it’s not scientifically proven, most people think it’s all in the minds of the talented person. Sad, but true.

  2. I think it’s just Human Nature.
    If it’s not what they consider the ‘NORM’ then it’s Insanity, Witchcraft or Evil Spirits….lol…
    People ‘fear’ what they know nothing about so, Attacking & Ridicule come into play.
    I often wonder how a Town would react if an Alien UFO landed……TOTAL CHAOS Because, again they FEAR what they don’t know.

  3. Since is so outside of the field of experience and what they think is possible that they can’t truly understand it. People who don’t understand things tend to make fun of them or to discount them. Since there is such a minority of the population that are able to do these things most people don’t have any personal experience with it. Until you really encounter something it’s strange and foreign and unknown. That’s really scary and not easy to deal with. Once they finally met someone who has these talents they realize that they are just like them. That’s when the fears leave and the acceptance comes.

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