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Why do people claim magick doesn't exist just because they are too weak to use it and too stupid to see it?

Yes… magick with a K. All you people who think youre smart by saying something about magick being spelled with a K, climb out of your holes and start studying other things than you religions. I MEANT to spell it with a K because thats the difference between a spell and pulling a rabbit out of a hat.


  1. I do study other religions. That doesn’t mean I believe them. You have every right to believe in magick, just as I have every right not to.

  2. That guy is right by saying that none of it works. It is real, but none of it works RIGHT. All it does is screw peoples’ lives up. It’s people attempting to play God. People are really supposed to ask Jesus Christ to answer their prayers, and He will if it’s His will to and the asker believes He will. Any other way will definitely screw up your life. God is against sorcery.
    N I must say, Jesus Christ was NOT supposed to be killed. Do your research.

  3. I’ll give magick every bit as much of a chance as I’ll give any other claim. Like with anything else, if it can be shown to work, I’ll believe it.
    No one has every been able to show that it works. It has about the same success rate as prayer and making a wish on a star.

  4. Most young girls who use magick are still poor as Job’s turkeys, and still don’t have husbands. That means, forget using magick for love-spells or money.
    What is it good for, anyway?


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