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Why do people charge for reiki attunements?

I think its unfair when people charge for reiki attunements, we are all meant to help each other. This site has a link to the site I used for free reiki manuals and attunements. The guy was really genuine and Im now attuned to level 2. Has anyone else had free attunements? And where did you get them?
The link is on this site http://www.holisticriver.com


  1. They charge because they know there’s money in it. So many people are becoming interested in Reiki and Chakra balancing. When the demand rises, so the supply price will as well. I don’t think it’s right, but they obviously do. They may consider Holistic healing a service to be paid for, just like a doctor’s office.

  2. My husband attuned me, he also doesn’t believe in charging for it.
    I think the reason why people charge for it is so that they can make a living in a peaceful healing way. Also, it usually costs money to be trained.
    Doctors, herbalists, chiropractors, they all charge money.
    Also people tend to value something more if it costs money. If it is free, they think it’s a hoax.

  3. Because there is an easy buck to be made, and there are lots of gullible people willing to pay for this useless “healing” technique.
    Your link is suspiciously close to spam/advertising as that’s the second time you posted it with a “question”….

  4. Time is money. If I have something that can help you and it is possible/likely that it can help you, wouldn’t you then pay for it?
    Depends on the person, but probably.
    SkepDoc’s answer was what was “useless”. If you have never experienced reiki before or are not senstive to it, that’s one thing. But, to call it useless when countless people benefit from it everyday is just unscientific, judgemental, and small minded.

  5. Because they paid to be attuned and they are providing a service and using their time. It’s like any other service that is provided. You pay. You receive.
    Doctors, plumbers, massage therapists, teachers all have to be paid. They charge to help other people too.

  6. I don’t think it should be charged for but it is a way for the practitioner to cover the loss of income – whilst giving attunements they can’t see paying customers can they?
    I have had various attunements at naturallythere4you.com
    an excellent resouce site

  7. There is a charge where people are gullible. Go to a physiotherapist and ask for a sports massage or a relaxation massage – money well spent. Dont waste it on CHARLATONS!

  8. you should not be charged specifically for attunements, the charge should apply to training given. where there is no training and i am aware this is common, then go elsewhere.
    specific frequency attunements have limitations, if you go to this web page you will find a free meditation that is an alignment technique, you can do this daily for a while until you feel you have gained the expansion you need.
    it is fine to self align, i was attuned first to seichim master teacher level, and then to level 2 reiki by a reiki master, and to master teacher by spirit. i then went on a journey of discovery that led me to expansion.
    for self development no problem at all, align away, you will naturally radiate to those frequencies that pertain to your development.If you want to learn about the chakras and wish to gain an understanding of energy and auras and in particular wish to become a practitioner then you should pay someone for the training that will be given.
    time has value, any bodies time

  9. Should farmers farm for free? You are paying for their time and effort and their costs.
    I would say we need to help, but also to make a living and someone who has invested a lot of money to train in reiki has to recoupe that blah, blah ,blah,….
    ….However Some of the short courses available can train someone from nothing to a reiki master in such a short time, i really have to question exactly what there is to a therapy which can be mastered in such a short time or if the people creating masters with their short courses are of dubious philosophy and /or character. to learn how to do something well takes a very long time.
    I have met “reiki Masters’ who know virtually nothing about health care and managed to acheive that status in a matter of months.
    Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not slagging of the therapy of Reiki (it isn’t a therapy or healing system I have any real knowledge of) I am questioning how it is practiced.

  10. My friend attuned me to Reiki as an exchange Im doing a picture of her daughter for her. Its an exchange of energy and time. This can be done with money. The exchange is a “cosmic balance”. And more practically its time and effort on behalf of the one doing the attuning it makes sense for somethng to be done in return.
    The reason treatments are chargeable is unfortunatly its do do with human nature (and most other animals) we look for the simplist solution and some just get into the same unhealthy situation and go for some more healing to “fix” it.
    Hope that helps!

  11. I can identify with the points of view of all the people who have answered your question.
    Yes, i think there are people who train to reiki master level to do attunements to make a quick buck. That is very wrong.
    I am a sports massage therapist, i also do swedish and aromatheray massage, reflexology, reiki etc and i have a job charging anyone for anything, I hate charging people, but i have paid thousands to train and provide a very good service and have excellent results from all the therapies i offer.
    Because reiki is spiritual, i do find it hard to get my head round charging people but i charge well below the average cost and i also do community healing sessions where i charge a donation of just £5. Many therapists do this where i live in Nottingham.
    I am reiki 2 and i paid £90 for each attunement level. I will not get attuned to reiki master level for another couple of years, i do not believe you should work up the levels so quickly without plenty of experience.
    I also do voluntary work, completely free of charge, be it offering free sessions or doing some gardening for an elderly neighbour becuase i do believe you should give something back to the universe.
    Reiki along with other therapies DOES work, but if you dont believe in it then thats your choice, if you want a treatment then go to a recommended therapist. I have never advertised and work on recommendation only.
    Lots of people have doubts, many gp’s dont even believe in the benefits of massage therapy, but then others offer acupuncture, so its all down to the individual.

  12. well i wasnt intending comming here :o) was searching for something compleatly distinct but wound up here and glad i did 🙂 food for thought i guess for a short article i had been planning on so will link back to here if thats ok ? and may possibly i wish you a happy new year.


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