Home Discussion Forum Why do people call Incubi & Succubi evil?

Why do people call Incubi & Succubi evil?

Why do people call Incubi & Succubi evil?


  1. It is because that thy are demons and a demon is a fallen angel and thy are that way because thy
    thy followed a arch angel in rebellion agents god and when the loyal angels defeated them and thy were cast in to the pit god turned them into
    the various demons fiends and monsters .
    and that even tho thy lost the war thy are still trying to clame as many souls as possible
    any WAY thy can

  2. Because they have free will, hence you can’t out right control them, and anything that can’t be dominated and easily controlled is ether made out to be “cutesy and harmless”, or usually demonized. See Faye, Djinn, “Pagen” Gods, and people of drastically different life styles for examples. So “bad stories spread faster the good ones”, about events where some a-hole with more pride then wisdom summons something with a mind, starts ordering it around with no consideration for it, then wonders why it gets pissed off. How would you feel if you got summoned by a bossy jerk? Probably wouldn’t care what those creatures think of you after a while.


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