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Why do people butt in?

I was at a store today and my 2 month started in about 10 minutes after I got there. I tried his binky, rocking him in the stroller and holding him. Nothing worked. So I decided to go pay and leave. This old hag walked by and said, “Just pick him up!” like it’s that simple. I told her I tried that. She said, “No you didn’t!” I wanted to slap her! I said, “F*** off!!!” She walked away with a stupid smug look. What the f? What is wrong with people?!


  1. There is nothing wrong with most people. They are just tired of hearing undisciplined squawking, squalling kids everywhere they go.

  2. Because they think they know more than you. They assume everyone is stupid and therefore needs input on how to run their lives. I have found that these people are the real idiots just as the woman showed you her stupidity by trying to tell you how to care for your child.

  3. You probably did over react – easy to do when you have a complaining baby in public.
    Women forget really fast how challenging babies and kids are.
    I put up with that sort of comment often as I had 3 kids under 2 when the husband left so I was often out in public struggling with kids.
    Ignore comments like that in the future – you know how to be a mother.

  4. apparently having children is like giving permission to every single person who has never been in your shoes to give you advice, tell you what to do, touch your kid(s), and hang around and ruin your meal by making faces or telling you stories about their kids/grandkids you really don’t care to hear. old ladies who are not visited enough by their own families and therefore have no one else to listen to their long-winded stories or crappy, outdated advice are by far the worst about not keeping their thoughts to themselves. she sounds like one of them. i would do what you did. tell em where to stick their unsolicited advice. i can handle those kinds of people though, in my opinion the servers or patrons at restaurants who come over to look, ogle, talk, whatever for minutes and minutes while i’m trying to enjoy a much-anticipated outing are the absolute worst. thanks for thinkin my kid is cute and congratulations on havin cute ones of your own, but walk away quickly or admire from afar. we had a server once who spent half our dinner hovering over our table, talking to our babies and telling us stories of her kids when they were little and her new grandkid. OMG shut up and go away. we can’t hold a conversation at the table when people do that so it just ruins everything as far as i’m concerned.
    it has gotten worse as i have more children. now, at 4, people feel the need to tell me what they think of me having so many kids (i don’t think 4 is that many) and how horrible my life will be when they are all teenagers, in addition to all the normal crap people say when they see a baby. i have cut people off, walked away, started conversations with my children as a way to cut them off, and occasionally i tell em what’s what. depends on what they say.
    i did have one woman once come up and say “you’re doing a good job”. i was sitting on the floor in an aisle at walmart rocking my screaming baby while my oldest stood by the cart. i was almost in tears because leaving wasn’t an option and she was especially fussy and i just wanted to get finished and get home. this lady leaned over and said that and it just made my whole year. that kind of thing i welcome although it is extraordinarily rare. the other kind of stuff – well i can’t imagine any of them would have appreciated someone doing the same to them when their kids were little.

  5. Unfortunately, people who think they know something are huge about giving unsolicited advice. I would just ignore them…


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