Home Discussion Forum why do people believe in this astrology bs?

why do people believe in this astrology bs?

theres no real science to it, but of course people will say “but the description of my sign its DEAD ON!”. well u think it is at least. horoscopes and astrology in general is just cold reads. If you dont know what that is google it. also pretty much of it is just what people WANT to believe/hear.
your thoughts?


  1. I don’t believe in it, but it’s fun to do if youre bored. I look at my sign every now and then and do my tarot cards often

  2. Why do people like you waste time hating other people? Whats it to you anyways? Its not like anyone is forcing you to read your sign. I read my sign (Aquarius) and yes almost everything I read was dead on, but of course I dont believe in it. I see it as more of a hobby. Why dont you go bother those who go to psychics….I swear idiots these days. You must be a Cancer….lol

  3. Why are you ao concerned about what OTHER people believe in.Seriously..Ever heard the exspression live an let live… You are right, there is no scientific evidence that astrology is a…..But here i also no scietfic eveidence hat God is real ether….yet millions follow his beliefs because of thir faith…….

  4. Because it’s hard to go through life believing in nothing but science. It adds a little flavor to life. Now the world is at a religious downfall, people might believe in astrology instead. It’s a little fun too. I don’t really believe it, but I have done my Natal Chart and some of it was true about me.

  5. Study after study after study has shown it’s not real,but people who want to believe will continue to do so. I’ts amazing how gullible people can be.


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