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Why do people believe dreams mean something?

People here on Y! Answers keep on asking people to “interpret” their dreams. Dreams do not mean anything! It’s just your subconscious mind! Why do people believe dreams have to mean something? Also, Why do people believe in superstition, astrology, and horoscopes?


  1. Because your dreams are your subconscious trying to tell you something that you’re to occupied to listen to while you’re awake. Why do people believe in the other things I don’t know. But we dream for a reason and one of those reasons is to let us deal with things we either can’t or wont on a conscious level.

  2. Because you create your dreams and your dreams can be memories, worries, emotions, or all of those at once. Mainly people say it though just because what ever your dream is about is what you feel.
    People believe superstition, astrology, and horoscopes because based on common beliefs and cultures, or just being open to many things can cause someone to believe something.


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