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Why do people associate occultism with satanism?

Occultism consists of alchemy,astrology, magic, spiritualism, shamanism, mysticism, voodoo, extra-sensory perception, and numerology. Hermetism is also a part of occultism (which has parts of christianity, islam, buddhism, judaism and paganism in it). So why do people tend to confuse it with satanism when satanism worship isn’t even mentioned in it?


  1. Occult=evil in the eyes of fundies, even though it really just means “hidden”.
    And then they equate Satanism with evil, because they are too stupid to research anything for themselves.

  2. Good question. I never understood that either. I think it has to do with fear of the unknown and ignorance. Also how the media stereotypes everything. The media stereotype of occultism is Satanism. And from my experience, (with christians. The majority of the people I am around are christians or have had some sort of christian influence on their lives) is that christianity demonizes anything it doesn’t understand or anything that includes “witchcraft”.

  3. Because the occult deals with demonic powers which come directly from Satan. We know that not all occultists worship Satan directly, but this is exactly what is taken place regardless if one is conscious of that reality or not.

  4. Regarding Ûž ☂ønaŦhan Ûž’s post… LOVE it.
    In that case I can say that Christians are actually worshipping Horus — they just don’t realize it.
    See how silly that sounds? Then why on earth would they think that it would fly when applied to other religions and practices?

  5. Because they have a black and white view- you’re either with us, or against us. And if you’re against us, you’re obviously with Satan.


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