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Why do people always cry while yelling at their parents?

I know several people (including myself) who always cry whenever they scream at their parents. And i was wondering why? I’m assuming it has something to do with your subconscious mind, like cause you’ve known them since birth…obviously.
But then again, i know other people, that can yell at their parents without feeling anything at all.
this is kind of a confusing question.
but whatever. answer it please :]


  1. well,you feel bad at yelling at them and u know they should understand you.so, you feel bad for hurting them.
    i do the same and yess,i’ve been questioning that myself manymany times.

  2. I think you love your Parents and respect them for the most part . Where as others don’t . And so it doesn’t bother them . Also i think your Parents love you and you know that . And some Parents love themselves most and so their children can tell . And they are colder . This is just guessing on my part. Do you think this might be right ?

  3. they are frustrated with themselves and their parents.
    plus your voice starts to hurt, lol.
    i get frustrated and argue with my parents constantly, but i don’t cry. its probably because i’m used to it and know that they won’t be angry at me forever, and i won’t too.

  4. Is it because when we are kids we yell, we cry, we say sorry, we get hugs and kisses told it’s okay and ‘I love you.’
    When we get older, we yell, we cry, we don’t say sorry. we want the reassuring hugs and kisses but are too proud to say sorry and desperately want to say ‘I love you’ but for some reason we can’t and for this reason we cry more because these simple things have suddenly become so very hard. Also now that we are older we realise they are not always right but after an argument we still want that hug and kiss and to say our sorry’s and we cry because we realise that for some stupid ‘grown up’ reason life has suddenly got too complicated to behave with the impetuousness of a child – perhaps thats the sad thing that make us cry ?

  5. I cry whenever I yell at my parents because I say things I never meant to say but I can’t help it because I always get sooo angry. I never meant to say those hurtful things because beneath it all they’re wonderful and I love them.
    Maybe some people feel this way too.


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