Why do organized religions focus on worshiping people instead finding God within yourself?

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I’m a mystic. I’ve seen the big picture and can no longer be confused by your “blind faith”. Every one of the religious icons simply found God (the connection to the universal consciousness) within themselves, which is the mystic way.

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Christians 4 Jews

I don’t worship people. I worship God. Only He is worthy of my praise.


Direct connection with God is what I go for too, ıt’s stupid to use humans in any kind of worship

Hey Z

Because they are hate-based!

Heavy Metal Jesus

The Heavy Metal gods are REAL!!!
They stand as giants, with metallic skin and hair made of flames! Shredding are their solos, and loud are their amps!

Hairy Clam

I get it, so instead of having “blind faith” – you become a recluse.

The Nomad Think Tank

Worshiping people and worshiping yourself, what is the difference?
We have to worship God, not ourself. God is our creator.

Alæx Bænjamin loves Röck

Well la-de-FRICKIN-da. Good for you no one cares


I have no blind faith, and I do not worship any person. I worship God, the Creator; I believe in the Holy Trinity. Don’t insult me with your arrogance.

Mine Eyes

Thou art God
To know God, one must Know Thyself
By the way, people will never see it the way you are seeing it. Know your truth and let others speak theres. Ignorance is bliss. So let them be ignorant.

Only Jesus Saves

1. God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are not a”people”.
2. I may be wrong but it seems to me that eing “universally conscious”, whatever that is, will not give you eternal salvation. If it does then you are essentially being your own God. My God does not sin, do you?


Yours is not a fair, honest, or truthful statement.
Now ask yourself what does that mean?

Truth B

You do not see the Big Picture. There are groups that seem to just pray. I know more people that worship a God for a few hours a week and do work in the community serving God for many more hours. Yes there is a parallel. We find it in ourselves to do God’s work (helping people and the community by helping people with out looking for anything in return.

Bill Mac

As a former agnostic and mystic I know what you mean. Our Spiritual searching brings us through many paths to God or enlightenment. I was frustrated that everything still seemed to be missing something… a reality to the experience within ourself. I found that missing element in Jesus Christ and His statement that He is the way, the truth, and the life… and that no one could come to the Father (God) except through Him. Exclusive and arrogant as this seemed… I found it to be the truth. Through Jesus I found God, that He has been there all along. He filled that missing essence with Himself, making me whole. Christianity is not about worshiping Jesus or following “steps” of a religion to find God. It is about entering into a dynamic relationship with the living God.


God’s word has been so very misconstrued over time. Simply put, God is in everything and everyone. You can find God where you find silence.


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