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Why do older women think that older men are even interested in them..?

everyone knows older men prefer younger women. sorry if i offend anyone but im just saying reality..if you don’t like it then too bad 🙂
women over 30 are not attractive to a man (not even if they are model or actress). it is so obvious older man like much younger woman because we are beauty and have perfect bodys and we are so much fun.. i cant believe older women dont know…my husband’s ex wife try to flirt with him when i wasn’t with him.( my best friend tell me this and she hear the conversation so i know its true) how rude of her. he is a married man to me now. i feel sorry for her..she is 44!!! i’m 19 and half her age.and i’m beautiful and young and new. i’m perfect for my husband. he is very important man and he is handsome for his age (he is 47 yrs old) so it looks more right to have a girl like me on his arm..he is proud of me. i can tell because of the way he show me off to everyone. he knows what i’m worth. so why would even he even talk to a old hag like her? (he didn’t..he just say excuse me and walk away..i feel a little bad for her..she just embarass herself)
im just wonder why she think she still have a chance with him when he is with me. she must be crazy. what do you think?


  1. Thats great he gets a nice young 19 year old, but what do you have? A 47 year old geezer who cant get it up.
    You sound like a mail order bride.

  2. Unfortunately, I think there is some truth to men prefering younger women, but it isn’t always the case. For example, an attractive older women such as Maddona or Demi Moore will be prefered over an overweight plain Jane 20 year old. Your husband probably talks to the ex about things involving their past together (shared economic adventures, kids, etc.) – there’s nothing to be jealous or threatened by. I hope you are not a native English speaker because if you are, you must be pretty stupid (you’re probably stupid anyhow). Men unfortunately do value looks way too much, but they also prefer intelligence (so that you will bear them intelligent children). I strongly suggest you get yourself into school to improve your English and grammer. You will be 30 yourself in a little over 10 years. Your husband will likely leave you at that time.

  3. 1) You’re a girl, how the hell do you know what guys like?
    2) Even if you were a guy, you wouldn’t know what all guys like.
    You’re an idiot. 30 isn’t even old at all, you know. Not everyone is shallow either. I know many old couples who are completely in love. And every day there are couples in their 60s and 70s who get married. I cannot believe that you are an adult and you think this way. I’m just a child and I know better than you. The mean part of me wants you to lose your looks as you get older or to have your husband leave you for someone else, but the decent part of me hopes that one day you realize that love isn’t about being young and beautiful.

  4. If he dumped her he will more than likely dump you too. Better watch out – don’t gain any weight – don’t get pregnant – don’t speak up or get demanding. He does not love you-he is showing you off because you are a trophy – at the moment. Guys like that are always looking for a new shiny trophy. There’s always a better looking woman around the corner, one they haven’t had yet.


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