why do most pastors try and discourage women in the church from gaining too much spiritual power.?






most pastor discourage true spiritual growth from strong women of color in the church. why? making you feel worthless like you aren’t capable of accomplishing anything. then in the same sense build up weak sisters in the church by constantly stroking there ego’s this can’t be good thing. once they stop stroking ego’s what happens then?


  1. Welcome to Christianity.
    Read the Bible. God says women shouldnt teach, shouldnt wear pants, and shouldnt speak in church.
    Blame your God. Not the pastors. They are just doing God’s work for him!

  2. I don’t know what churches you’ve been going to but in my experience that’s just not true. Some of the strongest spiritual people I’ve ever known were women and their pastors encouraged their continued growth.

  3. Because men are basically afraid of women – from a spiritual standpoint. Remember, Judaism, Christianity & Islam are all patriachial religions. The Bible is mostly a book about how men are supposed to live.

  4. Because women are eeeevil. We tempted Adam. We can’t be trusted. Read your bible — and then go be spanked by your husband for being a bad christian woman and not knowing your place.

  5. Its been going on for ages, its because women have more strength then men and men fear it. Not all men but the ones who want to suppress us.Take it as a challenge and go with it girl, be all you can be

  6. Watch the Da Vinci Code. I cant say for sure if I believe that theory, but it does seem possible. That theory explains why women are discouraged from power within the church.

  7. The apostle Paul said he did not allow a woman to teach (pastor) because it was woman that was deceived by the devil and she deceived man.

  8. They have been doing that for six thousand years now. They are afraid that women will see through thier lies, and thier eyes might be opened.

  9. Are you asking why women can’t become priests?
    Did Jesus say anything? Women have every right to be equal with men, but this doesn’t apply to the priesthood!

  10. Some brothers still live by the “no women preach in church” rule that Paul said, that was when women were not allowed to go to church or school back in the day. A women could not teach what she was never taught and Paul let them start going to church and school at the time, before the catholic church, once again, stopped that. A women was back in the home, because of Eve in the Garden, but Paul said it was Adam’s sin. If you read clearly in the KJV, it says that Eve then gave the fruit to her husabdn to eat, which means Adama was standing there the whole time, the snake was talking to Eve and let it happen and then Eve gave some to her husband and he said nothing and then blamed it on her. But God is faithful and said that Eve would one day crush the head of satan, when Jesus was born thru Mary and Jesus died on the cross, crushing Satan’s head. Men are just scripturally confused today, when it comes to women.

  11. Women, from times long before Jesus have been much, much more spiritually inclined and influencial than men (I am not saying why). When it was the societal norm for women to be second class citizens this keeping women “silent” regarding spiritual issues was essential. Some still goes on today in some churches…the Southern Baptists being one of the largest. I realize this happens with priests and nuns in the catholic church but there are other issues involved and women as essential to the catholic church.
    Women will always be much more spiritually capable than men.

  12. I have never seen that happen in any of the Churches I have attended and I am no spring chick. Go to another Church and don’t judge all pastors by one or even a few.

  13. I don’t think this is true for ALL pastors, but tradionally, the major religions have been male dominated. I personally view religion as a means of social control, and women have (and still are in many parts of the world) been regarded as second class citizens. To give a woman the power to sway a person’s mind and their heart by giving them power in the church, mosque, etc is to upset the social norm. My boyfriend is an extremely religious Catholic (which always makes for fun debates lol) and he maintains that women are kept out of the priesthood because Jesus had no female apostles and that the church hierarchy mirrors that. (I’m sticking with my theory though 🙂

  14. Oh my, color has nothing to do with discouraging women from being strong. Religion , in fact is a social control and men do not want to give up their power base. By flattering the weaker willed folks (men and women) the leaders try to keep their position. You can’t be a leader without followers, so any strong person is seen as a threat to that leadership. Consider most religious leaders, usually older men who like to get dressed up in some sort of fancy dress costume….robes, vestments, or whatever they want to call it, and stage elaborate backgrounds. Try to find other churches, if you can , where there is less of this struggle. I understand your feelings on this. Best wishes

  15. Because many Christians and Jews still think that women are inferior to them and can’t properly lead a congregation.

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